Today in Storrowing: Truck peeled back like a sardine can in Arlington

Storrowed truck in Arlington

Arlington Police report issuing a citation to the driver of this truck, who proved unable to figure out just how high his truck was today.



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They made it!

Congrats on making it all the way through, something sorely lacking from the river road attempts.

There's an enterprise rental agency on Dudly St about a block away. They don't normally deal with trucks but perhaps they brought one in from another location. Both side streets on either side of Dudly have low bridges when heading North. (Bridges which support the Minuteman Trail.)

How difficult is it...

By on put something inside a truck cab, whether it be a sticker or sign, indicating the height of the truck?

They do

Every truck I've rented has clear indications of the height in places where the driver can see.

Likewise, how hard is to to

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Likewise, how hard is to to hang a bag of confetti or used motor oil or glitter 11.5 feet over the roadway 1/10th of a mile before the overpass.

My god! Don't people ever learn?

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The number of "store-wings" by trucks, despite warning signs and horrendous photos practically defies belief? When will people learn?