Todd English accused of being a sexual harasser

We hadn't heard much about our homegrown celebrichef recently. Maybe that was just as well.



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    ' Meanwhile, .another hotel staffer who had recently converted to Messianic Judaism, returned to work Aug. 16 to find a noose hanging in his locker, according to a complaint. '

    1) There 's a thing called Messianic Judaism and they accept converts? Where do I sign up?

    2) A noose???

    Messianic Jews not what you think

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    They're Christians, really. So of course they accept converts (you can convert to actual Judaism, too, but it won't be easy). I'm sure Prof. Google can help you find out more.

    The order in which the

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    The order in which the article reveals things is really weird -- verbal sexual harassment, then physical, then revealing that six other staffers had sexual harassment complaints against the place. Burying the lede that much smacks of downplaying. (Or maybe someone forgot the inverted pyramid from journalism class, and is instead trying to write it like a novel...)


    I am not a journalist, and never took a journalism class, but the novelization of news stories was a major influence on my giving up on the Globe. Just give me the facts, and if you have to lard the story up with human interest, put it at the end.

    What a loser..

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    What a loser..
    First gets caught drinking and driving, now this.
    And he's on qvc this morning demonstrating on how to make pizza's for his line of pizza trays that he's selling on qvc.
    He's going to need that money to pay off his pending law suits against him.