Tow-truck processions honor little boy who loved the trucks

Tow-truck drivers from across the state slowly drove through Dorchester this afternoon to honor the memory of Brayden Kelly, a six-year-old who died last week before he got a chance to become a tow driver himself.

Susan Tweed watched the procession for Brayden, who drowned in an East Boston pool.

Today was Brayden's wake. Tomorrow, drivers will assemble at the Stop & Shop on Freeport Street in Dorchester and drive to Knollwood Cemetery, where Brayden will be buried after a 10 a.m. funeral mass at St. Ann's in Dorchester.



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    I just teared up

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    I don't cry or tear up often. Last time was visiting my dad's grave on a cold, grey late winter afternoon. R.I.P. Brayden, and strength to his mom, dad, family, friends

    Thank you

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    To all the men and women tow truck drivers who supported Brayden's family. You truly represent Boston Strong.

    Poor little guy. I hope his

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    Poor little guy. I hope his family can comfort each other during this tragic time.


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    Can someone tell me where in Dorchester is there concrete overpasses like shown in the picture?

    Picture is from Frontage Road

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    Picture is from Frontage Road area where trucks then proceeded to Casper funeral home for wake.