Trooper injured when cruiser crushed in Charlestown

Crushed State Police cruiser in Charlestown

Remains of the cruiser. Photo by Rick Macomber.

NBC Boston reports a State Police trooper suffered non-life-threatening injuries in a crash around 3:30 a.m. on an access road to Boston Sand & Gravel off Rutherford Avenue.

Rick Macomber reports the cruiser somehow got jammed between two of the freight cars that haul sand and stone from New Hampshire to Charlestown.



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    I'm willing to bet either the

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    I'm willing to bet either the trooper was offroad for some reason, or there's more to the story (and possibly something else is actually to blame, but the NHN sand cars are taking the 'blame').

    Had to take it down

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    Seemed like it was causing a lot of performance/database problems. The site's continued to have some problems today, so something else is going on, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

    Wonder if we'll get the real story

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    That's some serious damage. Speed was obviously a factor to wedge a SUV between two train cars and cause that kinda Carnage.

    Lights off? Speeding down an access road? Why?