Truck driver on Storrow puts on a clinic

Take note, kids: THIS is how you storrow a truck.



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Fix the damn road, already!

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The problem with Storrow Drive isn't stupid drivers; the road is poorly engineered.
Isn't it obvious that the clearances need to be increased? Dig the underpasses deeper so trucks don't keep hitting them!

Digging up the road is

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Digging up the road is extreme, but I think everyone here agrees that signage could be improved. And (almost) everyone here agrees that it should be improved.

Even if the current signs satisfy some documented DOT roadway standard, they're obviously insufficient when you consider the frequency of Storrowings. If it happens once or twice a year, okay, but once or twice a month is way too much.

You realize what a huge

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You realize what a huge undertaking this would be when the focus should be on keeping too-tall trucks off the road.

the trucks are driving where they don't belong

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Storrow Drive has never been for trucks - there are signs and everything. That's like saying the city should widen the sidewalks to make it easier for the cars that keep trying to drive on them instead of dealing with the car drivers who keep driving on sidewalks. U-haul drivers can be forgiven for being stupid as they drive those trucks at most once a year, if at all. Professional drivers drive their trucks all the time and should be aware of how tall their truck is as well as height restrictions on their routes - it's actually a requirement of them keeping their specialized licenses. Maybe truck drivers should be taught how to read signs....

And perhaps the DCR should learn how to

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properly make and PLACE signs. Like low clearance signs that actually give the clearance. Or telling drivers of vehicle and height restrictions BEFORE they've committed to entering the ramp, instead of after they can't back up to prevent entering the road.

You want to cater to the ignorant?

Give me a break. Rather than focus on addressing what you already stated in your post..."stupid drivers" and the apparent ignorance to signage/warnings, you want to support such ignorance by proposing a major infrastructure project, to benefit those too ignorant to pay attention?

I hope not many have to drive around your magical world.

Better yet

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CLOSE the damn road already. It shouldn't have been built in the first place.

Uh ....

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Dig the underpasses deeper

Ah, okay. Dig the underpasses deeper in an area that used to be an estuary.

Wow. You are so smart. /s

Or maybe fix the warnings?

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I notice there's a huge curtain of heavy chains at the ramps leading into The Big Dig -- must make hella noise, alerting even dumb drivers.

I gotta belive here in the 21st century there'd be an easy way to do a sensor at a certain height, that sets off flashing lights and maybe sirens when a too-tall vehicle tries to enter. And also immediately alerts the cops.

That, I think, would be a first step, long before re-engineering what is supposed to be a parkway.

In one word

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Which would be far worse of an issue that it is now.

Fix your damn attitude already!

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There's nothing wrong with the road... just you. Storrow is a parkway which means cars only and NO trucks.

Anyone with a regular driver's license can rent

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U-Haul trucks up to a certain size. And that size is far larger than most drivers have experience handling. Scary, but not as scary as realizing that Amazon is using these "Pete's Trucking" types to deliver packages to people. has it twisted

By on headline (and article) says the truck "got Storrowed". Truck drivers do the Storrowing; they don't have it done to them.