Trumpland, MA: At least one Trumpkin knows how to use a Sharpie

Via e-mail this morning, we got a photo of some some graffiti in an elevator at the Park Street T station that seems to indicate the author's carefully considered desire to build a wall to keep out Section 8 recipients. Our correspondent reports he notified the T, which promised a cleanup crew was on the way.

If you want to see it.



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    Undocumented immigrants are ineligible for Section 8 housing vouchers but, ya know, facts and all don't work well with Trumpkins.

    Alternative facts, dude. Did

    Alternative facts, dude. Did you think they were kidding about that? The point is not to reflect objective reality. The point is to set the framework for what they want to do next.


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    Alternative facts, dude. Did you think they were kidding about that?



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    The phrase "alternative facts" makes me want to cry hysterically and scream in rage at the same time.

    Dear crazies using this phrase seriously: IF WHAT YOU'RE SAYING IS NOT TRUE DO NOT CALL IT IN ANY WAY A FACT.

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

    I'm aware of that

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    I just hate manipulations like that. The anti-truth sentiment really pisses me off.

    The phrase "undocumented

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    The phrase "undocumented resident" drives me crazy. If you are in the US in violation of federal law, you are an illegal alien.

    The phrase "undocumented

    The phrase "undocumented resident" drives me crazy.

    Oh, you poor thing. Maybe you need to retreat to your safe space.

    What a coincidence.

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    The phrase "The phrase 'undocumented resident' drives me crazy" drives ME crazy. Mostly because it's only parroted by people who totally fail to understand the distinction between civil and criminal offenses, fail to grasp that words have connotations beyond their obvious meaning, and who are never more than two drinks from spewing racist epithets.

    There are both civil and

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    There are both civil and criminal laws. The definition of illegal means not according to or authorized(allowed) by law. So if someone is residing in a country were they are legally not allowed to and have not followed the laws, they are breaking the law and residing here illegally. Sure they're technically "undocumented" but they're also in the country illegally.

    That's terrible grammar.

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    A human being cannot be illegal, they can only commit an illegal act. The phrase "Illegal alien" is silly nonsense.

    Sharpie remover

    Isopropyl alcohol works real well for removing sharpie and magic marker from smooth surfaces. Doesn't work as well on boneheaded stupidity, unfortunately.