Two arrested for animal cruelty after dog found dead in locked car in a parking lot

Transit Police report arresting two New Yorkers at the Salem commuter-rail parking garage yesterday evening after finding their French bulldog dead of apparent overheating after being left alone in a car for five hours.

Although the air temperature was only 73 or so, Transit Police report:

Studies have shown on an average 75 degree day the temperature inside an enclosed vehicle will raise to 122 degrees in 1 hour.

Nigil the French bulldog was 3 and died in a pool of his own vomit. The two people were taken to Transit Police headquarters in Boston for booking on a charge of animal cruelty.



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    5 hours?? This is completely

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    5 hours?? This is completely horrifying... that poor dog. I hope they get the book thrown at them, and that they feel the full weight of this on their consciences for a long time to come.

    Anyone who owns a purebred

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    Anyone who owns a purebred bulldog is already contributing to animal cruelty. If you care about dogs, get a mutt.

    Pays for

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    Pays for a purebred yes.
    Own no. Many are adopted when the ones who pay for them change their look and find the breed/brand that they previously favored now clashes with the new them.
    Poor Nigil didn't get so lucky when the novelty of his looks got stale.

    Frenchies too?

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    I am aware that Bulldogs (the bigger ones) have been selectively bred to the point of having heads and shoulders that physically can not fit through their mothers' birth canal, resulting in c-sections being required for every litter.

    But are French Bulldogs (and for that matter, Boston Terriers aka Boston Bulldogs) also in that category? They seem to be slightly less freakish in build. Big heads but narrower shoulders and smaller overall.

    I'd thought that the recent rise in popularity with the French Bulldog breed was due to easier breeding.

    How clueless can you get?

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    You don't lock your dog in a car for 5 hours for any reason. Ever.

    What a bunch of asshole dipshits - a dog is NOT A TOY.

    Goddamn it! What were these

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    Goddamn it! What were these 2 people doing while they left that poor dog to suffer? I'm fucking pissed.


    Participating in the tasteless tourism that Salem's economy thrives on. Buying fancy witch hats. Going to bullshit "museums." At least they weren't parked in a residential area... though if they were maybe someone would have noticed the poor dog sooner.

    Salem museums

    Going to bullshit "museums."

    No kidding.

    If I were the Peabody-Essex, I'd seriously consider moving somewhere else just to get away from all the BS.

    Awesome museum, by the way; easy commuter rail from Boston and well worth the trip:

    Doubt it

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    The commuter rail lot isn't terribly convenient to the Bullshit Museums or the Bunghole Liquors.

    They probably went into Boston.

    I really have no problem

    with the punishment fitting the crime in these cases, particularly when you think of the suffering of a creature that just wanted to love the assholes that killed it.


    I can't even wrap my head around stories like this. It's unfathomably stupid and selfish.

    Also sad is that there were probably people who walked by and wondered if they should call someone, but didn't. To anyone who sees something like this, just make the call. Worst case, the owner shows up and yells at you. I was in this situation over the summer and even though it was only 80 outside, when the police responded to my call they said it was something like 96 in the vehicle that had two dogs in the backseat.

    I have no problem also

    admitting that I have smashed two car windows in the past when I thought the dog was distressed, both times I informed law enforcement beforehand and told them I could not wait for assistance and was backed up by them both times. Here and in CA, so never hesitate.

    Good on ya!

    That's awesome.

    I called one in once, but they had an officer there within a minute to do the smashing for me. I had two almost full water bottles on my bike and the poor puppers sucked them down in no time flat!

    Five hours is too long to trap any dog in a car at any temperature. They could have dropped poor Nigil off at a Petco or other dogcare provider had they only bothered to make plans. :-(

    Salem Horror

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    Glad this pair was arrested just curious to see how long it took the Transit Police to respond to the garage after they were dispatched. Hopefully they responded in minutes in an attempt to rescue the poor dog.

    not a garage

    The car becomes an oven when exposed to sunlight so it is unlikely this was a parking garage.

    Yes a garage

    The only parking at the Commuter Rail station in Salem is in the garage.