Two charged with murder on Ashmont Street in Dorchester

Boston Police report charging Keith Cousins, 30, and Shaquille Brown, 22, with fatally shooting Christopher Austin, 20, in the face at 96 Ashmont St. around 10 a.m. on June 28.

Police report Cousins was nabbed Friday in Marietta, GA, where he remains pending an extradition hearing.

Brown was already behind bars here for an unrelated offense. Brown is no stranger to the criminal-justice system: In 2011, he was charged with stomping a DYS worker at a facility in Roslindale - badly enough that the worker fell to the ground in convulsions and suffered bleeding in his brain.

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Thanks BPD

10:00 AM in broad daylight on Ashmont Hill. Nice. That must have been one humdinger of a dispute by golly.

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