Two to get life for murder of teen on Annunciation Road in 2015


A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Enrique Auch, 20, of Revere (r. in photo), and Tsunami Ortiz, 18 (l.), of second-degree murder for the Dec. 18, 2015 shooting murder of D'Andre King-Settles in the Alice Taylor project, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The verdict means an automatic life sentence, but with possibility of parole after 15 years.

King-Settles was the younger brother of Richard King, Jr., who was himself murdered on Trotter Court in 2011.

King-Settles and two friends had just left an Annunciation Road building around 4 p.m. on Dec. 18, when they were shot from behind, the DA's office said. One of the two other people was grazed by a bullet.



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The verdict means an

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The verdict means an automatic life sentence, but with possibility of parole after 15 years.

In other words, they got 15 years, with the possiblity of more being tacked on if they don't play nice with the other murderers. This is how your government lies to you every day - 'life' sentences that are anything but. No doubt a 'truth in sentencing' bill would be racist.

Citations please

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Please cite specific cases where murderers were released in Massachusetts after just 15 years.

They were minors, too

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When they killed. That makes the possibility of parole automatic, right?

But yeah, some people don’t know how the parole process works.

They received the minimum 15

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They received the minimum 15 years (including time served) with possibility of parole after that--despite the DA asking for 25 minimum, given that this was a calculated murder in broad daylight.

But, hey--I'm sure these "kids" who are now the pride of Heat Street will really turn it around in Walpole. Or they'll just have the possibility of being 35 year old men returning to Bromley with a body on their resumes.

Um, no

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They got life.

After 15 years, they can go in front of the parole board and make their case to be released. They will need proof that they somehow reformed themselves and deserve to be released. The victim’s family can testify about the anguish of losing a family member. The DA’s off can testify about how they acted in cold blood and were calculated in their actions. Then, the board votes.

Parole ain’t automatic. Charlie Manson gets parole hearings. Please educate yourself about these things.

Reads: "have the possibility

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Reads: "have the possibility of [release at after 15 years] . . ."

Sure, it's true to say they got life. It's also not untrue to say that they got minimum 15 years + time served and then parole board. And, in 15 years, the statements by victim's fam and DA will be a recycling of the statements at sentencing today, which failed to convince the Court that the minimum prior to parole should be extended.

Please continue to educate us on the working of parole from your extensive experience patronize Uhub commenters.

But it says

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“Possibility of parole”.

Those are the literal words.

Parole, not release.

Minors get the possibility of parole. Supreme Court and Supreme Judicial Court decisions mandate this.

Ask Charlie Manson what parole is.