Use Comcast for Internet service? Sorry

Comcast is down in many parts of the country, including Boston and most of the rest of the Northeast.



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It looks to be a routing problem with many sites..

Working here....

By on Southie. Hope I didn't just jinx things....!

Definitely some issues in Cambridge 02138

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We definitely had some issues with our Comcast Internet service around 1:30ish this afternoon. I initially attributed the problem to my laptop, and so closed windows, cleared cache and rebooted, but continued to have problems for another 15 minutes or so- I could not even reach Google or GMail. But it's been fine over here since roughly 2pm.

Oracle update

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From Oracle, FWIW:
"Dyn Status Updates
See upcoming maintenance and any incidents in progress.

{Retrospective} Advanced Services Monitoring Degradation
On Saturday, November 4th 2017, between 18:40 UTC and 19:41 UTC, Dyn's advanced service monitoring experienced degradation. Customers may have experienced increased timeouts on their advanced services being monitored in several regions.

Customers with questions or concerns are encouraged to reach out to our Technical Support Team.
Posted 7 minutes ago. Nov 06, 2017 - 23:05 UTC
This incident affected: Dyn Managed DNS (Advanced Features).
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"Some users report intermittent or slow services, while others were unable to access the web at all." How is this different than a normal day with Comcast?


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RCN said they identified that there was an issue with their backbone provider, Level3 (now owned by CenturyLink). They immediately switched to their backup backbone provider and are not having any internet issues.

RCN is once again better than Comcast.

not really

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Hard to switch away from your backbone when you are the backbone.

Comcast pretty much is its own ISP now and does more peering than anything else. Traceroute to major sites sometime.. you'll quickly realize how your traffic almost never leaves the Comcast network now.

It's a bonus because its almost direct between your home and popular websites. But if Comcast's backbone has a problem... yeah this happens.


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But Comcast isn't tier 1 (in name anyways), Level 3/CenturyLink is.

Since Comcast and Level 3's outages are identical, something hinky is going on. If Comcast is only getting its non-US traffic from Level 3 and handles all of its own internal traffic, then are they both being attacked simultaneously?

Least expensive internet only offers...

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a) Looking for the least expensive internet only offer available from comcast xfinity... for users of verizon landline telephone/antenna TV.

b) including special offers for elementary schools' students//high schools' students/families' educational studies and c) seniors/elderly special offers...

Some say internet only is more expensive than with cable TV.