Usually it's cars that crash into houses

WHDH reports an abandoned house on Cedar Street in Cambridge that was in the process of being demolished collapsed and crashed onto a parked car, crushing it - fortunately, nobody was in either house or car.



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    Well tended, but long abandoned

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    Street View.

    Check out 2007 - looks pretty much the same. Not used much since 2009, when the signs went up. Same rubble in the yard the whole time, but somebody was keeping things tidy.

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    A long time eyesore in the neighborhood

    There have been ongoing legal battles with the neighborhood for a number of years to clean up the property. The previous owner ignored those, and finally it was sold to a developer.

    Here is a link to the proposed replacement.

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    I'm surprised the North Cambridge Stagnation Committee wasn't demanding bribes so that they would *let* it be torn down, and then didn't sue over everything demanding their usual b.s.

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    The board of zoning appeal

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    The board of zoning appeal minutes from the April meeting on this house are pretty atrocious. Basically the entirety of the discussion was how it was so utterly against the zoning code and how dare this even come up and in the end they vote to grant the variance. Why all the drama? When you look at the proposed layout in the application it looks nice, has parking and far more "open space" than the vast majority of Cambridge housing stock.

    When the majority of the houses in Cambridge don't comply with modern "zoning" all it means is that when you've got yours you can make sure the next guy won't get his to keep your housing price up.

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