Vandals attack Roslindale mural again

For the second time in six months, vandals have defaced a mural at the corner of Archdale and Washington Street that depicts a Dominican saying. Unlike in June, today's defacement appears to be the work of two different taggers.

After the first incident, members of the Mayor's Mural Crew repainted the mural about two weeks later. The mural crew, however, consists of high-school students who only work in the summer.



Free tagging: 


Saw it this morning

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My daughter spotted the vandalism as we drove past about noon today. She was really unhappy - a friends of hers was part of the crew that painted the mural two summers ago.

I noticed that both were multicolor throw-ups, as if the morons thought they were graffiti artists rather than just bored asshole teenagers. Here's hoping that the idiots a) get caught, b) realize that they're disrespecting themselves and their neighborhood by ruining other peoples' work.

Singapore Sucks!

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When your kid is accused of this crime just because he is different - not because he actually did anything - we can talk about why Singapore and it's shitty treatment of its citizens isn't such a good idea.

Always enjoyed writing the traffic citation for graffiti

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One of the best parts of the tagging law is the one year driver's license suspension, even if no car is involved. A one year delay for those not yet licensed. I believe it's under MGLC. 266 S. 126 A and B. It was fun at the cellblock to watch the reaction of the vandals when handed a traffic violation even though they were on foot.

Tagging Law

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Great Law but I am wondering if they actually suspend the drivers license of vandals.


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It's not like they're going to suspend the licenses of shitty drivers

If the officer writes a traffic citation for graffiti

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Upon conviction for said offense the individual's driver's license shall be suspended for one year. If the individual convicted of defacing or vandalizing the real or personal property of another is under the age of sixteen then one year shall be added to the minimum age eligibility for driving. MGLC. 266 S. 126A

One of the things I learned at the academy was that the only way for the RMV to follow a case was if a traffic citation was issued, even for non-motor vehicle cases like graffiti. For a teen looking forward to a driver's license or an adult who depends on one, it was somewhat of a deterrent. They should probably teach it more in the middle and high schools.

Photograph/document defacements, graffiti, grief for history.

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It's important to photograph/document the evolution of activity over murals on our streets and graffiti. Defacements can be photographed/documented, the grief can be documented. The historical record of our times include reactive graffiti/defacement. Public records/photographs of the City Graffiti Busters can be made available online.

see also


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How many times does this need to be explained to you?

If you post graffiti online, the vandals will be encouraged to do more damage so that their graffiti will be online.

Do you really want to encourage graffiti?

I def do, and also wish for

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I def do, and also wish for more spaces where they can do art without harassment/destroying property. I don't encourage tagging over murals but overall I consider it a form of art still.