Venerable Brighton liquor store packs it in in two weeks

Adam Bunnell shows us the news on the front door of Martignetti Liquors on Soldiers Field Road.



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    One of the employees indicated Harvard had bought the land.

    Maybe Harvard will reopen it

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    Maybe Harvard will reopen it as a liquor store!

    But seriously, I wonder what their plans are for the site.

    Excellent how much tax revenue lost?

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    Anybody know the net loss of tax revenue (WhatMartignetti'sPaid - "PmtInLieuOfTax")

    Losing a liquor store is bad enough.

    The M brothers know there way

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    The M brothers know there way around real estate,They know their onions for sure. I always thought that they would eventually sell the store to Kappy, but what Harvard wants, Harvard gets!

    Harvard bought the land? For what?

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    To expand their campus? If that be the case, Harvard and other colleges and universities here in Boston have already encroached too deeply in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville neighborhoods as it is. It's past time that the Universities stopped that, already.

    Harvard & Tax Dollars

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    This is some thing that is very serious and also dangerous to the neighborhood of Brighton and beyond. Once these non tax paying so called institutions suck up everything. The working man will fall the victim of paying the taxes of the crooked institutions and giant companies. That is just about breaking the camels back and sets the worst precedent to real people not these soul less jackals. Once a town for families is being turned in to a campus and a over priced land of crappy condos and shopping centers. Knocking down structures which are historic and getting the approval is as easy as 123 as long as you bribe the right people and make the right donation. Between Harvard & New Balance the foundation of a beautiful neighborhood is being swept away and turned in to a toilet. Not to mention Millions & Millions of dollars in Tax Revenue lost to Harvard as they operate under the radar making billions if not trillions by using the property to create revenue. Question is with a corrupt system supporting these types of entities how can we fight this take over and try to stop this ever growing threat to a place that was once a pleasure to live? R.I.P Brighton and the America we once loved.

    Talk to an employee yesterday

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    Talk to an employee yesterday. He said that a high end car dealer was coming in. Also that Harvard bought the IHOP the bed bug motel and McDonald's.

    I hope it's another Acura

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    I hope it's another Acura dealer. If they can put Acura of Boston out of business, they can turn that back into a bowling alley.


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    I can't remember how many blackouts that place engendered, during my misspent youth. RIP Martignettis

    I'm bereft at this news-

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    I'm bereft at this news- always thought I'd quit drinking or be dead before this happened- what other liquor store in this area can I even think of pushing a shopping cart around in?


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    I don't know if this is a direct result, but this is the kind of loss that I feared when there was the motion to allow most grocery stores to sell beer and wine. People are lazy, so if Stop & Shop has some wine and beer, they won't bother to go to a real packie. With the loss of big stores like this you lose the wide selection and knowledgeable advice that only they can provide.

    RIP Martignettis.


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    ...most grocery stores can't sell beer and wine. So there goes that theory.

    A shame

    They had the best selection of rums anywhere. Can anyone suggest the next best place?

    Good stores in the Boston

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    Good stores in the Boston area

    Gary's Liquors on VFW parkway
    Macy's (West Roxbury)
    Blanchards JP
    Marty's (Newton)
    Liquor World (Porter Square)
    Ball Square Fine Wine


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    Gordon's in Waltham (894 Main St.) has a nice selection of rums. My favorite is the Plantation 20th anniversary edition.


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    in Newton by the whole foods has a pretty incredible selection of liquor. Could try the Allston location on N. Beacon if its more convenient to you but I haven't been in there in years, no idea what the bottle selection is like. Probably caters more to drunk college kids while the Newton location likely stocks bottles people with money and/or taste would purchase.


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    A good neighborhood liquor store.. lots of selection but I recently found myself going elsewhere for things I couldnt find there. Still, will be missed. The Bargain Bin wine section was a godsend!

    Anyone else remember all the other Martignetti locations? I only remember the one in the North End.

    One in chelsea one in saugus

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    One in chelsea one in saugus two in north end one was on Cross street , one was on Salem street , plus the emporium in Brighton

    Completes this transition?

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    They still have the store on Washington Street in Newton, just past Newton Corner.

    It will suck if Harvard buys it. They let buildings sit vacant for years before they do anything. This one entity has way too much control over what is happening in the neighborhood as it is.

    Ooops, the Newton store is a Marty's

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    Just realized that the Newton location I mentioned above is a Marty's. I've gone back and forth over the years between the two, the last few to Martignetti's. I'll have to take a look at some of the alternatives.


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    The place was okay in a pinch, but they never truly embraced the craft beer trend. Their prices on wine and liquor were usually at least $5-10 more than other equally good places. But they had a large liqueur/cordials section.