Waltham company in a really black mood

Dezeen reports that NanoLab, which develops products based on carbon nanotubes, has developed a paint that could be one of the blackest paints ever produced.

All interesting as it goes, but NanoLab says it will sell its pigment to anybody, unlike rival NanoSystems, which granted exclusive rights to its blackest-black paint to a British artist - which sparked one of his rivals to come out with a pink paint that he would sell to anybody who signed a contract agreeing they were not that guy and would not give him any of that paint.



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"It's like, how much more

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"It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black." --Nigel Tufnel

The editor of UHub has a strange aversion to the Globe,

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which covered this story two weeks ago. But my observation is that a story is never really a story on UHub until iit can be sourced to an obscure outlet.

Of course, unbeknownst to us philistines, Dezeen (or "de zeen" - tough to tell from its website) is "the world's most influential architecture and design magazine"!

So, Lord knows they don't need my uninformed and clueless eyeballs. But I still can't help but suspect that, from time to time, UHub engages in some sort of pay-per-click arrangements with its sources. Everyone's gotta pay the bills somehow.

I've made the big time! A UHub conspiracy theory!

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First, thanks for being such a loyal reader that you noticed what I link to.

Yes, it's true, where I can, I don't link to Globe stories. Nothing against Globe writers, they do a great job on the whole, but the Globe has a strict paywall and if several sites are reporting the same basic story, I'll link to WBUR or WBZ or the Herald first, so UHub readers who don't have Globe accounts can still read up on whatever the story is about.

But, and here's where I have to debunk the fun conspiracy stuff (sorry!): No, I don't sit on Globe stories for two weeks hoping some obscure journal halfway around the world will cover the same thing and then link to that.

In this case, I never saw the original Globe story (I tend to find Globe stories via their home page, which for some reason tends to bury local business news way, way down at the bottom). Last night, I saw a link to the Dezeen post (on Facebook, I think), when I saw "Massachusetts company," my eyes, um, perked up and when I found they were localish (Waltham's close, people around here have probably heard of it), I figured it was interesting enough and local enough to warrant linking.

Plus, I do link to Globe stuff when they break a story (here's proof - a search on "Globe reported" on UHub).

So, no, I am not involved in any pay-for-click story stuff. I'm just some guy looking for interesting local stories.

I appreciate the lack of

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I appreciate the lack of paywall links. As much as I like the Globe I find their local coverage to be lacking and prefer to get my national news from other outlets so have no intention of subscribing.


By my calculations, this must be the fourth blackest paint...

This is great until we use it

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This is great until we use it everywhere for everything then later find out carbon nanotubes make lead and asbestos look like amateurs in causing health problems.