Watching tonight's debate

RoxVote and BNN will both be livestreaming the Walsh/Jackson debate at 6.




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      Even better ..

      Stay off 93 for the next hour, all those construction workers will be heading home to New Hampshire ...


      Read the first two comments

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      And there you have the reason you can't get unelected in this town. Take care.of the city workers and the unions and they will turn out the vote for you. And you pay for all that by approving every development that comes down the pike with developer and union money.

      Simple formula.

      That's, ah say, that's buh

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      That's, ah say, that's buh-RILLiant, suhn! Whyyy, Huey Long woulda had NUTHIN' on these heah fellahs!

      If only

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      The unions do double duty. The unions themselves have a VERY high contribution limit, so like the developers they give money and lots of it and almost exclusively to friendly incumbents.

      And a lot of them still live all around the city, plus family, friends, shop workers, staff and more.

      Money doesn’t vote

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      And I’d reference the most recent Presidential election as proof, but things might be too raw around these parts.

      There were an equal amount of union guys

      and Hall workers there. They were obviously being coached by a very sullen looking Joyce Linehan, who mostly sat in a corner and scowled all night as if she was expecting the Marshals to show up for her at any moment.

      Walsh was the fast talking bullshit artist he always is, particularly when it came to the body cam program, where he pulled the old have to wait for the data to come in to see if we continue the program nonsense. Funny when you consider Mickey Evans was in the front row with a couple of his goons.

      Best parts came when Tito nailed him on racial and income inequality in the city and Walsh just pulled the usual I get up every morning and obsess about the people of Boston line and how he works every day for every Bostonian and then it was the ....wait for it....the son of immigrants line!!!

      Bottom line: Mahty was pulling the same lines he's told to deliver on a daily basis and tried to pull the old son of the city crap every time Tito nailed him for being full of shit.



      Let's see...nine years in Catholic school in East Boston,8 years in the Bunker Hill projects, various apartments in almost every neighborhood in Boston and finally retired to Belmon after a thirty year career listening to the guys who pull Mahty's leash talk shit in the back seat of various limos.

      What was that about "our" city again?


      You know

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      The city you left but where some of us still live.

      Where to watch it after?

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      Anywhere have the debate up already to watch somewhere for the people who missed it live? Thanks in advance!

      We will have it replayed on ch 9 Comcast | ch 15 RCN | ch 1961 on Verizon HD and on our videoon demand page soon.