Waterfront warehouse bursts into flames in East Boston

East Boston warehouse fire

BFD: Cause may have been somebody using a heat source to warm a trailer he or she was sleeping in.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded around 6 p.m. to Border Street for what turned into a four-alarm fire in a vacant three-story warehouse next to the shopping center.

No injuries so far, the department reports.



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210 Border Street

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210 Border Street in East Boston is a CVS in the Liberty Mall, not a warehouse.

Next to the mall

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BFD gave the building's location as "opposite 173 Border St." I've changed the post.

Liberty Mall??

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Liberty Mall??
Yea, lets go to Liberty mall, I need to buy a Gucci bag.

Pretty sure Capital Waste

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Pretty sure Capital Waste leases that building. That would explain the empty dumpsters....