WBUR to start investigative unit

Current reports WBUR will use a $300,000, three-year grant from the Barr Foundation to hire three investigative reporters and that it hopes to team up with other investigative units, including the Globe Spotlight Team, Pro Publica and the New England Center for Investigative Reporting.



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    So they can finally find out

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    So they can finally find out the truth behind the Brookline turkeys, the UHub doomsday bunker in Lynn, and BU's secret lab under the Citgo sign.

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    Let's do the math on that...

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    Perhaps someone with better skills than I can figure how much salary each of those three investigative reporters will be paid annually, assuming BUR will use a portion of that to also pay, for example, a portion of their health insurance...

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    OK, but ...

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    Read the entire story - which states they hope to use the initial grant to bootstrap something like another $700,000 in funding (apologies for not including that detail; when I link to somebody else's story, I tread a fine line sometimes trying to give folks the context of that story work without providing so much of its details that you have no reason to click to it).

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    Public Documents of Boston City Council.

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    • Misinformed City Clerk.
    include a look at the wrong claim of misinformed Central Staff of Boston City Council and misinformed City Clerks Offices re City Stenographer's Stenographic Record of Council Public Meetings. Claiming a full Transcript doesn't exist is wrong. Minutes are edited from the full Transcript.

    • Removing originals.
    Removing originals from Boston City Hall for editing is a bad practice not within State Guidelines for Municipal Records Management

    Now! Wednesday 12 April 2017 Watch the City Stenographer at the Chord Key Stenograph Machine with laptop computer and yellow pad in the Council Chamber at the Public Meeting of Boston City Council https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh2I2yheNoM
    or later at https://www.youtube.com/user/BostonCityCouncil/videos

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