Before we lost Usen & Co.

Old Usen and Co.

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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    Let us go to plate 4, then:

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    Corner of Alden Street and Court. A building for Verizon New England now occupies where the block was.

    That section of Court Street is now instead part of the sweeping curve of Cambridge Street. Nary a scrap of Alden Street remains. Perhaps the exact location is where today's Sudbury Street meets today's Cambridge Street.


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    So I walked by the building today and it had a cornerstone the read 1924. That may be for a later addition though?

    Alden Street...

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    .... and its little brother Alden Court were where today's JFK Federal building and plaza are located.
    Nearby, on the other side of JFK, is where 109 Court Street once stood, where Alexander Graham Bell made his contributions to the invention of the telephone. The building was where that attractive cement patch currently is, once City Hall Plaza's water fountain.

    And AJ Houghton and Co.,

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    And AJ Houghton and Co., brewers of Vienna Lager, operated until 1918, which helps pin down the date a bit more.

    Sanitary - Barbers used to do blood-letting

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    The red and white pole outside barber shops references a time when barbers were expected to perform blood-letting and other medical procedures to "heal the sick"; red represented blood and white represented bandages.
    Not sure when they stopped this practice but they were still doing it thru much of the 1800's...The "Sanitary" might be in reference to this.