We love our cupolas

Old building with cupola

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this building. See it larger.



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    Exhibition Center

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    Looks like the exterior of that building damaged by the hurricane that they were building in Copley Square for that exhibition - 1886 or so I believe?

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    Way Too Small

    The Peace Jubilee Building was a stand alone property. It was 550 feet by 350 feet and was an open hall, not a multi-story building. 550 by 350 is over 4.5 acres. The building here is much smaller.

    This looks like an old school either in what is now Chinatown or more likely in the West End around where the Whole Foods is now.

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    The Answer

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    Thanks for playing,folks!

    This photo shows the Parkman Market on Cambridge Street at North Grove Street being torn down, circa 1935-1940. This building was originally built in 1810

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