We wouldn't relish trying to find a parking space for this puppy today

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

Ben Walsh spotted a sugar-covered Weinermobile taking a left onto Memorial Drive near MIT. It proved surprisingly speedy - he couldn't quite ketchup, but thinks it turned onto the Mass. Ave. bridge towards Boston.

H/t PlunkettPrime for the headline.



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    K.M. Monkiewicz makes a better dog anyhow .

    Never heard of 'em, and they don't show up on Google (since you're talking about websites), but there are plenty of better dogs than OM. But if you don't love the Wienermobile, you're just being an old dick. My idea of hot dog heaven: Michigans made with Glazier red dogs served out of the Wienermobile.

    I'm an idiot

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    Duh. Kayem. AKA "probably the most popular brand here in western Mass". Thanks!

    I hope it turned right...

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    I hope it turned right onto the Mass. Ave. Bridge, from Memorial Drive.

    Otherwise we would have had a Storrowed Weinermobile.


    I've met the Wienermobile drivers

    Nice, enthusastic kids -- it's a summer job or an internship gig for college juniors, typically those planning on going into marketing or branding. The crew I met (Pittsburgh) were clearly having fun with the job.

    Funny you say this. When I

    Funny you say this. When I was living in Venice (CA), one of the drivers lived in an apartment down the street and street parked the thing, moving it for street cleaning like it was a regular car. It's amazing when you see these things they look larger than life, but it's just a 20 something year old driving a modified truck.


    and.... umm... video of it driving through tunnels would.... umm... mumble mumble Freud mumble Pornhub mumble... eeka you'd be more articulate than I am and much funnier; we miss you 'round here.



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    True Story

    After graduating college and starting out (Lib Arts) working at pretty low level jobs while living in a really tiny place with zero sunlight, I really hated when the alumni magazine arrived (still don't understand how they found me) and I was drawn by forces beyond my control to the back section where the most uncharitable classmates bragged (or so it appeared to me) about their kick-ass awesome jobs and totally successful lives.

    Redemption arrived one day when the magazine reported a classmate who
    reported (and included a picture) that he had been promoted to head driver of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. To this day, I don't care if it was really a ruse. I cut out the notice, pasted it on my less than standard sized fridge, and was rejuvenated.

    This vehicle will always have a special place in my heart.