West Roxbury bakery closing up shop

Baker Baker on Spring Street (at Baker) is closing for good at the end of the week. Owner Fran Kolenik says, though, she's looking at possible ways to keep making pies.

The news comes a couple weeks after the owner of the neighboring Kalembar Dune announced she's closing as well.




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The owner of Kalembar is retiring

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and she owns the block that Baker Baker is in.

Curious to know, is Baker Baker closing due to finances? One of the owners had owned/run Spring Street Cafe.

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Finances is right,

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There's a pretty ugly back story to this closing. Watch your business partners guys and gals.

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Awful News

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They will be missed my kids and I LOVE their sourdough Egg and Cheese sandwiches.

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The perfect non-explanation

Not that we are owed one of course but 'circumstances beyond our control' could mean the rent is being raised or could mean the market doesn't support our business enough to stay open. I've never been to those stores but I like that little block, shame two are closing.

BTW, anyone know why Dandelions closed here in Rosi? I know renting from the railroad guys was a much better deal that from the family that owns most of Birch St - unless the rent at the "new' place went up, I'm surprised as Dandelions had been in business for a long time (by Roslindale standards...)

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Rent didn't go up

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I think Karen took a job as the florist manager at Roche Brothers.

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TBH, I was hoping you'd have some info on that one. I"ll miss her store and friendly attitude but then I only went there twice a year so I can't claim to be a huge supporter of the store. Glad she's got a plan B lined up.

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