West Roxbury groups not real pleased with the idea of a pot shop on VFW Parkway

A medicinal-marijuana dispensary is one thing, but neighborhood groups are hardly stoked that the proponents of that - in the same strip mall as the Amazing sex-toy shop, just up the road from the Dedham line - has yet to sign a commitment to not sell recreational pot should they get the chance, the Bulletin reports.



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Too bad, legal businesses

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Too bad, legal businesses should be able to conduct their business in any commercially zoned property they so choose.

Just more of the same

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This is nothing new. This is yet another over-reach by the West Roxbury group that fancies itself to be in charge of everything in 02132. They routinely reject projects that are often as-of-right.

They squashed a fast food joint where IHOP used to be simply because there was a nearby high school. Of course the fine outstanding students leave there and hit the convenience store on Baker street for healthy Doritos, Hostess cupcakes, and sugar laden soda.

I think what frosts some people is that this grand duchy group takes its input from people who are not even abutters of projects, so people that live 4 miles the other side of 02132 show up to clutch their pearls and wring their hands for things that never have any impact on them what so ever.

There outta be a law. ;-)

Or at the very least

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A requirement that people and groups opposed to business proposals be required to PROVE their "doom and gloom" claims with actual evidence, and not with biased opinions and obstructionist doctrine. This concept of "it think it MUST be bad, therefore I am automatically right" does NO good for anyone."

And for cases where detailed study is require to demonstrate (or disprove) such negative claims, then the people making those claims should be be on the hook for the cost of those studies - and not the government.

After all, it's supposed to be a basic principle of our justice system that the burden of proof lies squarely with the accuser. That requirement should equally apply for criminal suspects and people trying to establish legal businesses.

You couldn't find a better

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You couldn't find a better place to put it if your goal is to keep it off 'main street" and away from schools and neighborhoods. It's as remote a place in Boston as you'll find.

You can get there by car or bus 52 and a short walk from 36, 38. People drive VFW to commute, travel and shop.

We'll see how Marty, Question 4 opponent until it won, and Matt O'Malley handle the opposition.

I'd like to know where the folks in WRNA live.


Maybe a good side-effect would be an increased biz at neighboring Lebanese restaurant Al Wadi (we love the food and service, and hard-to-find Middle Eastern wines).

Then again pot-card customers would have to do their edibles or smokables, get hungry and return...


I was thinking it was where the construction is by the HD entrance on the old iHOP site. That liquor store. Sorry.

The thing that's silly

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is that a lot of dispensaries are like gourmet food stores, or craft microbreweries, if you look to states where it's already legal. I imagine that once legal recreational pot has settled in, the wares they are selling will be too expensive for the average target consumer of the neighboring stores.