What the Eck? Price needs to calm down

Surviving Grady will take Eck over Price.



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    This is so stupid

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    I read all about this on Deadspin yesterday. Is David Price kidding? Did no one clue him in to how bad/ruthless the media is in this town before he took the Red Sox' money? Oh he knew but didn't care so long as the check clears? Then he plays like s%#t for 2 years and then picks a fight with a Hall of Famer for saying "yuck" at a guys stats? A guy that's not even him? Really?
    He has bigger balls than Bill Lee, this guy. If only he could pitch like Lee.

    On a separate note does the writer of the linked article get paid to write? That was some awful, 5th grade level, desperately-needs-an-editor writing right there. Maybe I should give up my slave job at the warehouse. I mean, just re-read what you wrote to make sure it makes sense for dog's sake.

    I don't know

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    I read the CHB's article on Sunday, and Price doesn't come across as bad as some might think. Yes, in the court of public opinion, he looks bad yelling at a Hall of Fame pitcher, but look at why he did it. He stood up for a teammate. He wasn't even mad about comments about himself (which do annoy him) but rather was annoyed at Eck's comments about Rodriguez. In a lot of ways, sticking up for a teammate is leadership.

    Yes, his livelihood is based on the public buying tickets and tuning in on TV or the radio or whatnot, but I'd rather have a team where the players are pissing off TV folk who haven't played in decades while having each other's backs over a team in awe of the press while not giving a rat's a$$ about criticism of teammates. But that's just me.

    not really a man

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    Price was not sticking up for a fellow player. I doubt he has ever done that in his life. Price was throwing someone else under the bus to make himself look good. Not real leadership material. He chose the 7th grade playground while he is hanging out with his buddies to ambush a true hall of famer. Price will never be a hall of famer. That is because he is a pussy in October; or should I just say yuck. Take a look at the body of work and take a real close look at WAR. When Eck was pitching there was not stat for WAR available. His life time WAR is double Price. DOUBLE. In other words, Eckersley over his whole career was responsible for 63 wins above any replacement player. That is almost half the season's wins. And during those years where he was a dominant closer, I am sure those WAR years are off the charts. I remember him pitching for the red sox in the mid 70s. We were lucky to have him and during those two years where he won 20 and then 17 games, he was our Roger Clemens before Clemens showed up. He was the eck. His arm was giving out and it took a genius in Oakland to figure out he had gas left in the tank as a reliever and he became Mariano Rivera before Rivera showed up. All that is to say, that Eckersley, as much as anyone, knows how hard the game is. And Price needs to understand that better men then him have paved that path that he walks to the mound and better men than him have performed better than him in doing so. By disrespecting Eckersley in that way, he disrespected baseball and the history of the game. Until he does the right thing, Price is dead to me as a fan of the red sox. Price cannot hold Eck's jock. I have been given to the opinion that Price is a whiny overpaid child. But now I see he is Josh Beckett, II. A clubhouse cancer. He needs to be traded or released and Farrell needs to be released and real management needs to return to the managers office. This team is right now the most unlikable team I have seen since the beer and chicken gang of a few years ago. I have been watching the sox since '67. I would trade anyone on this team except SALE for Eckersley in his prime.

    Eck's job is color analyst. If he thinks you stink, he'll say so. Good for him. When he was pitching and he stunk, he owned it and agreed that he sucked. No rabbit ears. I have lost a profound respect for this team this year after the article broke that many players applauded what Price did. But don't confuse what he did to Eckersley with leadership.

    Heat => kitchen

    Eckersley wasn't even talking about Price. He was talking about another pitcher's lackluster rehab efforts. That's part of his job, and this frankness is what makes him valuable at it.

    The most disturbing thing to me is that other players applauded when Price told Eck to "Get the fuck out of here." They should all be fined. They don't have to be "in awe of the press" to behave like they deserve the millions they're being paid.


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    two grown men almost getting into a fight over people playing a game.

    with little due respect...get a life.

    I guess I'm on Eck's side in

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    I guess I'm on Eck's side in this, but it's kind of funny when you recall the Old Bastards argument he got into with The Monster 15-20 years ago on the radio.