Whatever happened to R. Schell and Son?

R. Schell

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



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    P Schell & Son

    1224 Washington St. Sort of looks like this now

    Well someone else beat me to the link.

    Washington St. @ Perry St

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    The view today (looks like most of the buildings in the original photo are gone):

    From the signage and the power lines, I'll guess it's from the early 1900s.

    I'd guess it's prior to 1900...

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    The Washington Street El opened in 1901 and the photo appears to be taken from across Washington without the elevated tracks in view.


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    The large brick building in the background is the same, yes?


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    My guess is 1894. Looks like Schell's bakery was around from 1850 to 1900ish. The tailor next door was there at least in 1894.

    1885 Bakery Review:

    1895 Map:

    The U.S. had a rapidly developing

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    industrial economy with grow rates trough the roof during this time, and, had a need for a large workforce, skilled and unskilled. As the 2nd decade of the 21st century winds down, the U.S. is a 'developed' nation living in it's post-industrial age. Economic growth rates are anaemic, our population is already the 3rd largest of any nation on earth (after India and China), and we have zero need for millions of semi-skilled and un-skilled workers. Only large corporations and businesses that $benefit$ from slave-like labor, and political parties that benefit from millions of needy, high maintenance people, benefit; certainly not the average citizen who is ignored and laughed at by the Democratic and Republican party elites.

    Whatever happened to Schell?

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    Whatever happened to Schell?

    They damaged their market share by putting such lousy terms in their franchise agreements that their franchisees had to charge uncompetitive high prices to meet their terms.

    Oh, wait... THAT was/is Shell Oil. Don't know anything about Schell and Sons.

    The Answer

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    Thanks for playing, folks! This is the east side of Washington Street, at Perry Street, on October 10, 1899.

    Brick building in rear

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    The large brick building in the rear of the photo (with the crenellated brick design on top) is Bacon's Building at 500 Harrison Ave. which houses the restaurant Cinquencento.