What's old is new again

Sticker: Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts

Spotted today outside the Dedham Stop & Shop.



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    Funny bumpersticker

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    But Nixon got the last laugh when he closed down the Boston Army Base, Boston Navy Yard and the Navy a Yard Annex. Putting thousands of people out of work, decimating the economy for years and Ted Kennedy and Tip O'Neil couldn't do a thing about it.

    Actually Tip & Ted could have

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    Actually Tip & Ted could have and chose not to for politically strategic reasons.

    You also forgot about the closure of the Chelsea Naval Hospital. Which was one of the oldest and largest facilities in the country at the time.

    So revenge attacks for not voting "correctly" are okay with you?

    You make it sound like you think that's just swell. Wonderful.

    Bear in mind that those facilities were antiquated and not central to the mission of the military in the modern era. Al Gore and his efficiency brigade would have shut them down in a heartbeat. Like the skeletal and malfunctioning red state economies of today, Boston and Massachusetts of that era were clinging to the past and to big savior employers rather than looking to the future. This place has drastically changed since I got here in the early 1980s.

    WTF is ELM?

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    Besides a tree. What is it?

    TY I mean Thank You

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    I even tried to look it up for myself, unsuccessfully.