When Boston had a magical building

Old Boston building

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



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    "Near Hanover St."?

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    Court Street isn't really all that near Hanover Street. Certainly not as a way to give directions to a place. Maybe things were laid out differently back then?

    The Answer

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    Thanks for playing, folks! This shows the Boston School of Magic at 97-107 Court Street on November 27 1912.

    "Magicians" Today young

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    "Magicians" Today young students learn to be and make a living being graphic designers back then it was magicians.

    City Hall Plaza

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    This would be on today's City Hall Plaza, across from the Center Plaza building, between the T station and the JFK Federal Building.

    The building just visible at the far left is 109 Court Street. Alexander Graham Bell rented space in the top floor of that building, which has been described as the birthplace of the telephone. There's a marker to that effect in front of the JFK Building.


    As I seem to recall...

    ... this magic building appeared on the periphery of a prior photo quiz So I remembered it was right near (current) City Hall Plaza. ;-)

    Swedish print shop at Blanchard Buildings

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    Interesting to note that the Blanchard Building, upper, right corner has an ad for Svenskt Tryckeri, which means Swedish Printing shop. There was a Swedish grocery store on Hanover St., down a block or two from Scollay Square, in the 1950s. This would be around the corner from the Blanchard Bldg. Must have been a number of Swedes in the area, at least when the photo was taken much earlier than I remember.