When life gives you Nazi lemons, make lemonade

Local man Chris Lang reports:

For each and every vile Nazi and white nationalist who marches in Boston on Saturday, I'm donating $1 to the Southern Poverty Law Center to help fight hate. Have at it, you racists, the more the better, and thanks so much for your help!



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Great idea

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I am doing the same, posting on my social media, and inviting friends to join. Let's do this thing!

So they should expect

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A $10 donation. Chris hopefully this doesn't effect your retirement goals.

This is similar what they do

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This is similar what they do in Germany. I believe it's in the town that Goebbels or Goering were born. Some skin heads do an annual march on the Nazi's birthday. Meanwhile the town folk actually pledge money for each mile walked and raise great money for good causes. Check it out.

That turns the whole ugly affair into something not only acceptable, but something people look forward to because they make it a fun day - completely owning the original marchers march.

To me this is much more effective than the counter protesters, many of whom I could probably mistake for the people they think they're protesting.

Where Hess was buried

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Only his family had him disinterred, cremated, and scattered to stop the insanity.

Somebody linked to it earlier - money goes to EXIT, which deprograms Nazis.

A much better idea, I'm in, thanks!

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I suppose punching Nazis in the mouth wasn't really much of a plan anyway, fun as it might have been. Plus, this provides much more long-term butt-hurt for them and their pathetic friends! I'm thinking we give them hugs and tell then how we've made a donation in their name and will pray for them (I know that drives me nuts when people do that to me).

since they fetishize the South..

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tell them, in your sugariest, most sweet-tea Southern accent, while looking at them pityingly, as one would a tiny puppy who just can't make it up that one stair:

"Bless your hearts. I'm gonna pray for you."

Let me guess

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You're not a racist

You have a few black friends



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Is that the new slur now? If you don't agree with someone, you're automatically a Nazi now? The SPLC is in the business of making money. Period. I guess that makes me a Nazi then? Morons.

Yes, yes it is the new slur

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Yes, yes it is the new slur now.
Now everyone that disagrees with you is hereby a Nazi. Being a racist still counts, just not as much.

The funny thing is, most of the people yelling Nazi have no idea..

Group think is huge.

**necessary disclaimer:

And no, I'm not a Nazi nor a sympathizer. I am not a racist, never uttered a racist word nor thought. I do not go out of my way to harm anyone, nor do I care a whit what anyone else thinks of me (especially coming from people I've never met)

Actually, it's the reverse

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Recent events have really focused people's attentions on just a Nazi is. 20 or so years ago, it was hilarious when Seinfeld had an episode about a Soup Nazi. There were Grammar Nazis and all other sorts of "Nazis." But now we've refocused on what Nazis really are and you're not seeing that sort of usage much anymore - because people are focusing on the anti-Semitic, race-hating violent men with guns who like to cosplay as SS members with their Tiki torches.

All you need to know about the Southern Poverty Law

Center is evidenced by the kind of people who denigrate its essential, justly-lauded work exposing hate groups. "Run by Marxist Jews", went one revealing slur I saw in the comments on bostonglobe.com earlier today. How unsurprising that the usual bigoted suspects here take shots at it.

Nazis, delicate and lily-white as they are, loathe sunshine.

Hotels are ~250-300 a night

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Hotels are ~250-300 a night that weekend, so welcome to Boston, Nazis. Hope you saved up your food stamps and confederate currency.

I don't AirBnB my place, but I'm tempted to advertise it

as being in one of Boston's whitest neighborhoods, has a TV that only gets Fox News, is equipped with a gun locker for a tricked-out assault rifle / tiny penis substitute, and has a fridge stocked with beef jerky, pouches of Red Man, and malt liquor, but requiring a DNA test for Western European purity before I can rent to them. That's a hilariously ironic poser for a lot of these unfuckable hate nerds.


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They all blew their allowance for the next ten years on Charlottesville.


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I will donate $1 per nazi to the southern poverty law center and $1 per nazi to the Brady Campign to End Gun violence. This is a positive outcome to having a bunch of hate filled fascists come to town.

Infrastructure to pledge per hater

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Please Share broadly! Showing up for the counter rallys but want to do more? Let's raise money for every person attending the Free Speech rally and donate it to fight hate.
To help:
1. Pledge per hater - https://pledgeit.org/nobostonhate
2. Make signs for counter rallys - "Thank YOU Free Speech rally attendees for raising money to fight hate."