White squirrels are everywhere - even Charlestown

White squirrel in Charlestown

Ryan spotted this white squirrel in Charlestown today. Of course, the question is whether the critter is a townie or a toonie who wandered over from the West End or the Public Garden.


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I live in Charlestown, and

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I live in Charlestown, and have seen a white squirrel both last year and this year (never more than one at a time, and not too often, and not terribly distant from other sightings, so I can't swear there's more than one).

Not as rare, but there are also a handful of black and dark brown squirrels in the area.

Spy vs Spy

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We had an all-black squirrel in our Charlestown yard. (I'd upload a picture but I'm html illiterate.)

Melanistic Squirrel

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I've seen some of those around. Didn't register at first because squirrels are all black like that where I grew up.

Perhaps their coloration is less important so the unusual ones are surviving?

We had one

here in East Arlington but I didn’t see it this year, and I fear its poor camouflage might be to blame :(