Why does Google think the Loews Boston Common is the Tremont Theatre?

Google "Loews Boston Common" and you get showtimes for the "Tremont Theatre," complete with the fancy old-fashioned spelling. As a bonus, you get a link to the Wikipedia page for the real "Tremont Theatre," which apparently was "a playhouse in Boston, Massachusetts, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries." Maybe it was at the same site? Probably just a weird Google Glitch, but maybe someone could shed some light.



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    How do you reach Google?

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    I've tried to reach Google to get them to fix this error, but there's no response and no change. They started calling it Tremont Theatre several months ago.

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    You'd think Loews or AMC or..

    ...whoever owns them would be on it. Weird.

    But there is a link to report errors or suggest changes, but I'm not sure the input gets to anyone. I tried a few weeks ago, and haven't seen any changes.

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    Google map errors

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    I've seen plenty of errors but only reported it once. The correction took 1 1/2 years. In that case it was a city in another country that had a completely wrong name. I know someone from that city and he told me not only was the name incorrect but he never heard of the name given to his city in the label.
    Either they are overwhelmed with error corrections or they just don't care.

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    Same location

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    [This is a reconstructed copy of a comment I posted a few hours ago, which seems to have gotten lost in cyberspace....]

    The Tremont Theatre was in the same location as Loews Boston Common. The Tremont used 176 Tremont as its address, but the auditorium was in the rear on Avery Street. Loews uses 175 Tremont for its address.

    At one point the Tremont became a movie theatre, and in 1947 its name was changed to the Astor. I saw a movie there in 1971, but I think it closed soon after that. From what I can find online, it was demolished after a fire in 1983.

    I have no idea why Google is conflating the two. Maybe it's a weird Google glitch. Or perhaps Google has advance word that Loews management is planning on bringing back the old name...?


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    mystery theater

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    Just look at the address. They are the same theater.

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