Muskrat love at Jamaica Pond

Otter in Jamaica Pond

Moby Carp has company: Jameson Brown was walking around Jamaica Pond today when he looked down and spotted this furry criter cruising towards shore.

Jameson said it appeared to be an otter - it seemed too small for a beaver and its home "seemed more otter-like too, a hole more than a lodge."

But local wildlife aficionado Jef Taylor says, no, that's a muskrat.


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How did it get there?

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After all, we're not Germany, so we don't have any otterbahns.

OK, I'll see myself out ...

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Looks like you are right

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Confirmation comes in the form of the tweet I've linked to by somebody who knows these things.

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Hank Hill-style "NAAHHHHH!!!"

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Sorry, one of those songs I pretty much detested when it first came out in the daze of my yoot, and time has not much softened my contempt.
But in the Shameful Confessions Department, I will admit that I actually watched (out of morbid fascination or boredom, I guess) bits of their short-lived TV variety show. I even recall them doing "Muskrat Love," and at one point in the song there was a sequence that showed C&T in muskrat costumes cavorting with each other. I think that was pretty much it for me.

I don't hold muskrats responsible, though.

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I love how

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Adam gets so excited about anything animal related. It renews my faith in humanity. :)

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