Why they have deer-crossing signs in Stony Brook Reservation

Deer in Stony Brook Reservation

Was on the way to Turtle Pond on the main path from the Hyde Park side of Stony Brook Reservation around 2:20 p.m. when I looked down path 206 to see this deer looking at me. We looked at each other for a minute or two and then he (she? I'm a city kid, what do I know?) bounded off into the woods.



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    Looks like a young buck.

    The Doe - CK Williams

    Near dusk, near a path, near a brook,
    we stopped, I in disquiet and dismay
    for the suffering of someone I loved,
    the doe in her always incipient alarm.

    All that moved was her pivoting ear
    the reddening sun shining through
    transformed to a color I’d only seen
    in a photo of a child in a womb.

    Nothing else stirred, not a leaf,
    not the air, but she startled and bolted
    away from me into the crackling brush.

    The part of my pain which sometimes
    releases me from it fled with her, the rest,
    in the rake of the late light, stayed.

    Not necessarily young

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    If you see small antlers. Deer shed their antlers drom Jan to about March depending on the region after rutting season.

    However, given the size and timing, I would indeed guess this is a young male that may be growing his first set of antlers.

    its a buck...

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    also a city kid (and hunter) - it's a little button buck.

    Not definitive

    Odds are antlers indicate a buck, but not always. Some does do grow antlers. Fertile does can get enough testosterone to produce antlers.