Winter is coming

Chair space savers in East Boston

And somebody in East Boston, as Kristen D. shows us, is obviously in a big hurry to get ready.



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The city has an ordinance

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The city has an ordinance against this nonsense. The fine is $250 per day. Start making an example of people now to stop it before it starts.

The enforcement is too weak

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They crack down harder on handicap placard abuse, and rightfully so. If you absolutely, positively, by all means need a parking space you can always find one. However, it typically means walking a half-mile. If transit service was more robust and reliable; you would see less chairs

Here. Stores put out

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Here. Stores put out Christmas displays in September, why can't people put out their January decorations in October?

where's the enforcement?

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It's been more than 48 hours since the last snow emergency was lifted; doesn't the city pick these things up?


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Q: what wastes more space than a car on the road at rush hour?
A: a car on the road at rush hour whose driver is saving space for it on the street.

The real answer

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Is those stupid Hubway bike stands on public property. What country allows private enterprise, where greedy corporations are making a profit, use of public space for free? Even food trucks and hot dog stands needs permits, which cost money, to operate on public property.

Misleading headline

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I keep trying to point out here that this has nothing whatsoever to do with winter. In East Boston this is a year round situation. Always has been. No use to offer any suggestions on moving them or how to deal with/approach the perpetrators. Like cockroaches, they will simply keep appearing, month after month, year after year.

It was a joke, sorry

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Definitely not Pulitzer worthy (then again, there are no Pulitzers for corny headlines, alas). Yes, East Boston has year-round space savers, as do most Boston neighborhoods, for that matter (look up "Henchman" on the 311 site for a space-saver issue that's been going on for years now in the North End). It's just that, well, when most people think of space-saving chairs, they think of winter. I admit I don't get up to East Boston a lot, but even way down here in the boonies of Roslindale, I realize it's not actually winter on the other side of the harbor.

At the very least to the city should

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At the very least to the city should pick these up weekly with trash collection. Idiots will run out of chairs-milk-crates-trash-barrels some day.


this is the year I finally get those RESERVED FOR ASSHOLE PARKING stickers made up and start slapping them on this sort of nonsense.

Is it me?

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... or are the only people complaining about things like this are transplants to Boston?

If you live here this is commonplace and it is as normal as the sunrise. We may not like it but the total amount of 'pearl clutching' is just plain phenomenal.

Not to mention most fo the people crying out loud don't even live in the neighborhood.

Let it go. MYOB.

If the locals don't like this they will take care of it themselves.

Oh yeah... I was stuck waiting for the Orange Line today at a JP station because fo a broken train at Wellington. I let two go by (packed) and took the 3rd. Normal day. I managed to survive and had no urge to come here and wring my hands and weep openly.

Grow a set like real Bostonians.


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Grow a set like real Bostonians.

Translation: sit on your lazy ass and do nothing about an injustice going on around you, simply because it has always been that way. Like real Bostonians.

"grow a set" and do nothing

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"grow a set" and do nothing like a lazy coward? No thanks. People who have a "set" don't let thieves steal public property and threaten neighbors.

I've never lived outside of Boston

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And I lead the defense of the practice during the winter from hell a few years back, but seriously, who the heck puts chairs out when there's not a speck of snow on the ground, or even during weather where snow would just melt were it there? Entitled assholes, that's who. No one has a right to a particular spot on the street*.

I was at a wedding in Southie one September back in the day. I came out of the church to see a cone on the street in front of me. I drove over the cone, it got stuck under the car, and I dragged it about a block. As for chairs, I'd just take them home with me and put them in my back yard. That's what they were made for.

(*excepting of course after there's been a decent snowfall and you have to expend some effort clearing the spot. But that's a conversation we can have come December, January, February, and possible March.)


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So this is where my deck chair went too. I should go over and get it.

(I had a similar plastic chair taken from my back deck yesterday)

Pro Tip

Take a sharpie and make an identifying mark in a less visible location.

I'd be willing to bet a solid gold space saver

that whoever did this would be the first one to complain about the car with NY plates across the street either breaking the "rules" by using Eastie as free airport parking, or avoiding excise tax. The irony (and hypocrisy) of the "I've lived in Eastie for 150 years" crowd, who loves to pick and choose what "rules" to follow when it comes to parking in the neighborhood.

*I say rules instead of laws as a blanket statement, because the space saver thing isn't technically a law, but a clearly stated city policy.


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oh we must be talking about the EB Open Discussion group :-) You just handed out one of their starter pack catch phrases... "I've lived in Eastie for 29034820934 years"

And of course if you try to take away said space saver, they will complain they have a 'god given right to park their car there"

I've never met a group of people who consistently bitched so much about everything and anything.

Ding ding ding

At this point, I just stay in it for the laughs, and that one piece of useful information that pops up every few months or so.