Woman hit and killed by commuter-rail train in Somerville

Transit Police report a woman, believed to be in her 20s, was fatally struck by a Fitchburg Line train around 6:30 a.m. near Washington Street.

On Monday, a man was hit and killed by a Fitchburg Line train in Concord.



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Also important

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The sidewalks are blocked by gates. The road is blocked by gates. The train comes through here at such a high rate of speed that it makes absolutely zero sense to go around the pedestrian or road gates - at most a 30-45 second wait from bell to lift.

Don't read too much into that location

Since Park St. is the only grade crossing for miles in either direction, it's where rescue services always enter the ROW when there's an incident nearby. Judging by the police foot traffic, the incident was down somewhere toward Dane and Washington.

Why I wrote Washington Street

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I saw the references to activity at Park Street as well, but Transit Police said the incident was near Washington Street, and I figured they would know.

It may have been behind the

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It may have been behind the Market Basket, based on helicopter footage from one of the TV stations.

So sad another tragedy

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The transit police cannot cover the vast rail lines and will never have enough officers. The state should enter into an agreement with local towns that in exchange for patrolling the rail lines in their towns the local police will be authorized the right to work all MBTA construction projects.

I saw her walking the tracks

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I saw her walking the tracks Monday around 1 pm in that exact spot, the train was headed towards Porter Sq and laid on the horn the longest I've ever heard she just moved out of the way and kept walking towards North Station then cut up behind the church in Union Sq. She probably changed her mind that afternoon but seems like today was the day so sad.


Suicide Hotline

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Please please please call the national suicide hotline instead of doing this: 1-800-273-8255

Call 1-800-273-8255