Won't happen again, Roslindale restaurant says of extra-loud karaoke

The owner of Delicias Dominicanas, 635 Hyde Park Ave., vowed this morning to avoid a repeat of a late-night November incident in which Boston Police detectives found karaoke booming out of the place at levels far higher than allowed by city code.

At a hearing this morning, Sgt. Det. Robert Mulvey told Boston Licensing Director Christine Pulgini that as he and his partner arrived at the restaurant for a routine inspection around 11:30 p.m. on Nov. 19, they noticed loud karaoke even before they got to the door.

Using a sound meter, Mulvey say, he recorded readings of between 75 and 80 db - far, far higher than the 50 dB that is the maximum allowed outside after 11 p.m. under a city noise ordinance.

Restaurant attorney Carolyn Conway acknowledged the problem and said it wouldn't happen again - employees will keep the volume down. "We don't want to become anything other than what they are now - which is an integral part of the neighborhood," she said.

Pulgini said that's a good thing, since neighbors raised noise issues when the restaurant first applied for an entertainment license.



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The police had a decibel meter...

You would be fine living next door being subjected to 80 decibels outside your window past 11? Keep in mind this aint Adele singing either...its Karaoke.... in Hyde Park... *cringes*


Um, it's not Hyde Park

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It's Roslindale.

They have residences as immediate abbutters, too.

I run by this place every Sunday and Thursday nights. I do think they are trying to be good neighbors, but then again I don't live next door to them.

Definitely on Canterbury Street

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Coming off the bridge, there's a 2 family (with an oval glass window on their front door) right next to the smallish parking lot. I might be wrong on HPA, but I believe there's a triple decker between the restaurant and the used car lot.

Yes, I go by there a lot. Three times a week usually.

Postscript- the residence on Hyde Park Ave is a 2 family, but it is right next to the parking lot and between this and the used car place. Also, tonight was a good night for a run.

Of course, I wouldn't be ok

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Of course, I wouldn't be ok with that. I'd see it as a challenge and have a karaoke-off.
Hello from the other siiiiiiiiddddee!!!!!

Typical Boston Ruling

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No fun allowed, especially if you're minorities.

Typical reflexive trolling

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You really believe this?

Also, if you read the post really carefully (it's only, what, four paragraphs long?), you'll notice no ruling was issued - the restaurant came into the hearing admitting it was in the wrong and promising not to do it again.


If you had to

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get up early for work the next day, or if you had young children who had to get up for school, you would probably be unhappy to have loud music disturbing you. Loud music can be a big problem in the city, where we all live close to one another, and need to adjust our individual lifestyles so we allow room for others to live their own life, which may be different from ours. That's why we have laws about such things--just to keep it fair and impartial. I'm pretty sure the law doesn't have one decibel level for whites and another one for minorities.


You think they're rocking out Who songs at Dominican karaoke night? I suppose it's possible...