Worker breaks ankle in fall onto bank roof in South Boston

High-angle rescue on Broadway in South Boston.

"High-angle" rescue in South Boston.

Jim Gavaghan, who took the photo, reports firefighters and EMTs rushed to 636 East Broadway in South Boston around 12:10 p.m. today after the worker fell onto the roof.

Engine 2 and Ladder 19 was dispatched and requested the Tower which has a bucket to effect the patient to the ground for transport by Boston EMS.



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    Strictly a guess

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    But I'd think he was doing work on the neighboring, higher, roof and fell.

    Worker falls from roof

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    He was repairing the window on the 3rd floor of the neighboring building and broke his left leg in two places, ankle and heel, broken right foot, much more than an ankle.

    And more mergers coming

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    Enough people know... Meetinghouse Bank (Dorchester & Roslindale) will merge with, and become branches of, East Boston Saving come January 2018.

    East Boston also merged with Mt Washington (South Boston, West Roxbury, & others) a few years back and kept the East Boston name.


    Cause Southie Savings, with its 5% interest, sadly went south a long time ago.

    Well, that's a use of the

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    Well, that's a use of the word "effect" you don't see every day. Probably for the best; I'm not sure that's a valid way to use it as a verb. "Convey" might be more correct.

    Field-specific dialects can be so weird.