Yes, more jets are thundering over Roslindale these days

Alan Wright, who has long repped Roslindale on a Massport advisory committee, reports the recent infusion of jet noise starting around dawn is due to flight-path changes forced by renovation work on one particular Logan Airport runway (4L-22R, to be exact).

Via Keep Roslindale Quirky.



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    Are they the same jets that

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    Are they the same jets that start flying over Jamaica Plain every morning starting at 6:00 A.M., flying overhead every seven minutes? Come on, please give me a break. I work my ass off all week and all I ask for is to sleep in a bit on Saturday morning. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO.........................THE JETS.....THE NOISE........THE RUMBLING IN THE SKY......................!!!! AGGGGHHHHH!!! NONSTOP!!!

    It's definitely been worse lately

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    And now it's open window season, so it's even worse. 5:15 was the first one today. There needs to be way to spread the burden around. I can take a few planes now and then or maybe one week on, 2 weeks off.

    I'm going to guess

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    You don't know much about airports, the FAA and their regulations, passenger safety, etc?

    Oh, and general construction practices if you think it's just "laying down asphalt"

    Because ...

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    Federal laws and regulation trump state and local laws.
    It comes down to the ANCA of 1990 (Airport Noise and Capacity Act).
    ANCA comes down to the U.S. Constitution interstate commerce clause

    Actually ...

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    • It's Runway 4R/22L that's closed for maintenance (not 4L/22R).
    • It's scheduled to be closed until late June (target date is June 24)
    • Of Logan's seven (7) runway ends that can handle full-sized jet departures (150 foot width), Runway 27, whose aircraft overfly Roslindale, was the fourth (4th) most used in 2016, at 12.7% (i.e., 6.4% of arrivals and departures) -- not so much
    • The route for departures from Runway 27 was established following an Environmental Impact Statement (lowest impact). Changing it will be difficult.

    Dear Roslindale,

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    It's 40 days. Suck it up.
    Under 4L and R, Lower Mills, Dorchester

    Sorry Charlie

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    In my youth, I used to spend times over at St. Margaret's Church/School (now St. Theresa of Calcutta/St. John Paul Academy.) Now, I live under the Roslindale route, albeit at the bottom of the hill. Dorchester had/has it worse than Roslindale.

    Of course, if Dorchester complains too much, Southie and Eastie might notice at chime in.