Yes, two fighter jets just flew low and loud along the coast and over the harbor

Just a flyover for the tall ships, not the beginnings of an invasion.



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      Thank You

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      Extremely loud here in Watertown. I thought some pilot had lost his bearings in the overcast, and I wouldn't have been surprised to hear a crash. Glad to hear it was planned and under control.


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      Probably coming from Westover, and flew over Watertown.

      Must be a scary thing to see those things flying over in war time. They're impressive.

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      Better than the cannons

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      Some of the tall ships started firing cannons in salute.

      Everyone looked around and asked the same question, " That was supposed to happen, right?"

      Strange world we live in.

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      The dog heard them

      That explains the dog's behavior yesterday afternoon. I didn't hear the cannons, but she must have.

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      Saw the aircraft fly-by from a boat near the channel. The fly-by was near the end of 'parade of tall ships'.

      Many of the tall ships appeared to be under motor power. While attractive, all were certainly slow. The fly-by was an impressive juxtaposition.

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      Lower Allston

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      Heard them in Lower Allston yesterday. I thought they were going to take the roof off of my building they were so low. Glad it was planned, but I wasn't aware it was going to happen.

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      Witnessed them in Lexington,

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      Witnessed them in Lexington, thought they were coming from Hanscom (do they have jets at Hanscom?)

      I've been to San Diego quite a few times where this is a regular occurrence. First thought - "wait a second, that sounds familiar but out of place - oh look, jets!". Second thought - "God, did something happen, are they doing an intercept?" Third thought - "they were going pretty slow, probably a dog&pony show for the tall ships crowd"

      The times we live in.

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      Not So Low

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      If tofu saw the jets from Lexington, and XenaKat saw them from Allston, they could not have been terribly 'low' (basic physics, as these locations are several miles from the harbor). From the water near Spectacle Island the small fighter jets appeared 'high' to me.

      It's not possible to accurately judge the altitude of airplane without other information. Like cloud ceiling, if relevant (by noon Saturday, it was not). Otherwise the aircraft size and altitude are intertwined.

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