You can't keep good data down: City of Boston posts scrubbed EPA climate-change data

Climate Change is, as it says at the top, "an official City of Boston Web site" that contains climate-change data and files the EPA scrubbed from its own sites after Jan. 20.

Via the Globe.



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Expect more of this

Troves of it were downloaded far in advance of the destruction.

NOTE: for those who don't *believe* in climate change, you can feel free to 1) download all the data you want; 2) download R for free and learn to use it 3) follow the scientific method to explore your hypothesis to your heart's content; and 4) write up your findings and subject them to peer review. Nobody is stopping you.

UPDATE: Link fixed - stray ";" removed (stupid SAS programming habits ...)

One of the biggest holy-shit

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One of the biggest holy-shit-did-I-dodge-a-bullet in my life moments came when as a misguided 19 year old I looked at starting a career in the Koch-funded think tank archipelago as a policy wonk after college, and then drifting away from that idea. There are very few bigger moments in my life, and one of them involved dodging a literal bullet.

Nonetheless, I can say from personal experience that those think tanks have dozens of Phd statisticians who are more than able to do precisely that, and I would eat my hat if it turned out that none of them have ever done precisely that. It's a safe bet that several have, and that the Berkeley BEST study has been quietly done and redone more than once in the darker recesses of the CEI or similar institutions.

By people with econ Phds, and statistics chops earned using R, RStudio/ (And in the fancier think tanks, SAS)

I brought it up because I

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I brought it up because I really am relieved I never went into Koch-funded wonkey for my living, and because it really does come close to that time I really did dodge a literal bullet.

Maybe Swirly could win this particular exercise in oneupmanship, but this is one that feels better to lose.

Omri's a neighbor

Not an anon (although I wouldn't be able to pick 'em out on the 326).

I worked at Arthur D. Little so I'm familiar with that sort of soul suck.

I actually have a scar on my arm from a stray ricochet, but that's redneck heritage stuff (family out shooting things off a fence) not street cred.

Not a competition in any case. :) Thanks to Zach for fixing the link/finding a better one. I'm a SAS programmer anyway - just wanted to point to freeware for the sake of democracy.

Technically that is only the

Technically that is only the RStudio download link. Great IDE (I'm literally using it right now, or I will be once I stop procrastinating and get back to this case study), but you'll still need to download R itself from one of the CRAN mirrors. You can do so here:

Just want to make sure these aspiring scientists are properly prepared. Other than that, I wholeheartedly agree with everything in this post.

Not a bad platform

Standing up for civil, human, and ecological rights isn't a bad platform. I was pretty done with him after the Olympics 2020 and Indy Car shenanigans, but have been glad to see him be a vocal proponent for protecting people and the planet. We'll see.

It's not a bad platform, but

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It's not a bad platform, but is speaking out about Trump (and directing city employees to publish yet another climate change website) really relevant to the administration of city government?

If anything, Walsh and Trump and following the same playbook, just from opposite sides.

Uh, what?

directing city employees to publish yet another climate change website

Um, no. The Climate website has been up for over a year now. They didn't "publish" "another web site". They created a portal on their existing web site to link to critical data sets that have been wiped off of the federal site where they belong.

The internet is publishing a series of tubes! It has wires and batteries and is sinister.

Here's the thing that gets me

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The City's website is the same website that is on the EPA's website, which I discovered when trying to access the kid's page ( which sadly is gone.)

The "destroyed" data is on the NOAA and NASA websites, so a better idea (not necessarily by the City, but by someone) would be to create a new website to direct the average citizen to the data and explain how to read the data.

Between Pruitt doing what he did and the lie that the data is inaccessible, my cynicism with politicians grows every day.


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Same. I didn't vote for him, but I'd rather a known known that will and has pushed back on his toxic agenda than someone who would potentially roll over and conform to the occasionally illegal and unconstitutional agenda of Herr Trump.

Yup. Totally agree. These

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Yup. Totally agree. These are things that SOMEONE should do, and I do find pride in it being my mayor. It is an interesting conundrum though. He is doing a fairly good job on "global" issues, but does it overshadow local shortcomings or not.