Another state rep joins race for state-senate seat Dorcena Forry left

The Dorchester Reporter reports that state Rep. Evandro Carvalho, first elected in 2014, says he is running for the 1st Suffolk state-senate seat in the April 3 Democratic primary. State Rep. Nick Collins of South Boston, is also running for the seat.


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Yay! More elected officials abandoning

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the commitment they agreed to when the voters elected them. And just so they can further their personal aspirations.

Don't know what's worse, the fact that politicians are continually pulling this nonsense, or the fact that we continue to let them do so.


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This ridiculous line of reasoning was also expressed by many commenters in a previous story on this subject.

There is no law, and no reason why people in any walk of life cant decide to move on to bigger and better things, or just different things. Exceptions would be people who sign contracts or join the military.

It's not a bad thing. Dorcena Forry wanted to move on, Carvalho wants to run. And for some reason I can not understand, some people are hyperventilating.

So how would you suggest he

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So how would you suggest he rectify this? It's not like its his fault this is a special election. I find it very different than a planned run between cycles to ensure you never lose your seat even as you keep running for things.

So run against them

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And base your campaign on that comment.

Sorry, but this is what representative government looks like.


Hey, go easy on him

I mean, if he's been in the same job for decades without change or advancement, everyone should be required to do that, right? ;-)

This is why

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Politics shouldn't be a "career". Without advancement? Why would he want advancement if he is in office to serve his constituents? Shouldn't further service and success in advancing the goals of those he serves be fulfilling enough without "promotions"?

Oh, I see

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People like you love to go to "doctors" who have no training or experience, make excuses for "professional drivers" who have little experience on difficult roadways, etc.

You hate competence. Yes. That explains some national stuff, too.

Ah Yes

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Politics shouldn't be a "career".

Because that president who has no clue how to govern anything is doing so well. As are the contractors who were "found" "just in time" to provide FEMA with meals to send to Puerto Rico.

Uh huh.

Ah yes, because "experience" breed "success"

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That's why the Congress, which in 2015 had 20% of members with over 20 years of "experience" and the average tenure in both the House and Senate is at an all-time high, runs so smoothly. Yup, you convinced me, "experience" is most definitely necessary.

What do contractors in Puerto Rico have to do with tenure as a legislator?

Also puling papers are ..

Three other candidates have pulled papers for the special election, the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office confirmed Tuesday morning: Former State Rep. Althea Garrison (no party), Kenny Jervis (D), and Donald Osgood, Sr. (I).

Althea Rising!

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nowwaitaminute..... With Ayanna going after Cap's seat this opens the door for Althea to walk into the City Council (no special election) and now she's going after a Senate seat too? Watch out Charlie Baker -- Althea is Coming for You!

As previously mentioned post Dorcena-Forry announcement

there is one candidate not yet formally announced. That candidate will sweep through the district in a plywood political offensive that will shock the establishment. His name is Doug. Senator Doug. Senator Dough Bennett... Governor Doug Bennett...President Dough Bennett!!! The sky is the limit and the signs are ready!


Thrilled to hear this!

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Carvalho has been a huge advocate for local transportation issues. Glad he is jumping into the race!

Isn't This Seat Basically Southie vs. Dot?

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Dorcena Forry confused the equation some, and the periphery wards have a little bit of sway. But aren't the real battle lines of the district drawn right around Columbia Rd./St. Margaret's? Southie's already got their guy in Collins, and so now Dot's got their horse with Evandro. Game on!

Dorcenna Forry Confusion

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The real confusion Linda created was leaving her powerful position up the state house to take a construction job.