Boston cop finally arraigned for alleged drunk-driving crash on New Year's Day

A Boston cop who allegedly plowed his pickup into a car on Columbia Road while drunk and off duty on New Year's Day was arraigned today on a charge of OUI causing serious bodily injury - a felony - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Domenic Columbo, 39, of West Roxbury, pleaded not guilty in Dorchester Municipal Court and was allowed to leave on his own recognizance, after being ordered to stay away from the two victims in the crash on Columbia at Ceylon Street - one of whom suffered serious injuries - the DA's office reports.

Boston Police suspended Columbo with pay following the crash. He has been a BPD officer for six years.

Innocent, etc.



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With Pay

Part of the "suspension with Pay" stipulation should be that you return that pay if you're found guilty. Consider it a loan they don't need to repay if found not guilty.

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I hear ya barking big dog

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No it should not. He's not

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No it should not. He's not an hourly employee. If a financial punishment is deemed warranted the courts will do that and it will apply to anyone in this situation not just people with his job.

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Name another profession where

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Name another profession where you can injure or kill someone and then get paid by taxpayers to chill at home? No wonder why people hate the police.

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There are thousands of professions....

Any profession covered by federal laws that deem their jobs as property.

Teachers, firefighters, crane union workers, civil service DPW workers, etc.

Not one of them would have been fired if this had happened to them when the trial is still pending...

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According to today’s Globe, a train engineer with a lengthy driving record got transferred to a different position at Keolis after a bad DUI. That’s due process and employment laws for you. Innocent, etc after all.

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