Broadway bar to offer sandwiches

In Boston, it's not just enough to pay for a food-serving license - you actually have to serve food. And not just any food, but food you've cooked or prepared on your own premises.

The owner of Croke Park, 268 West Broadway, assured the Boston Licensing Board today he would put in a food-prep area and start serving simple sandwiches, such as BLTs, after police cited him for having a food-serving license but not having a kitchen or food-prep area on premises.

Croke Park patrons have long relied on "take-in" food from the neighboring Burger King or two nearby pizza places. The pickles and potato chips bartenders have at the ready were not enough to satisfy license requirements.



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Close it down and put in a fern bar

Those gentrifiers want everything. How long has it operated like this? Is this just the out come of new people coming in and dropping a dime on them? Or did they just recently apply for food-serving license?

Fern Bar?

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How quaint!

Do you have to wear dockers to get in?

Strict Dress Code for the Fern Bar

Izod shirt - collar pop optional
Madras shorts in summer or dockers in winter
Tretorn sneakers or Sperry Topsiders - NO SOCKS
Ralph Lauren Polo cologne for men, Estee Lauder White Linen for women.
Wayfarers or, if prescription glasses, horn rims
Sweaters must be tied around your neck.


But Cheers?

But our greatest cultural touchstone*. Cheers. was a fern barn.

* this may be inaccurate.


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There's a law in Minnesota that bars have to serve food. Enter Heggies: they give you a little electric oven (maybe gas? who knows) and a bunch of frozen pizza, problem solved. Now it has a cult following.


That comment reminds me of Peter's Pizza and Fried Clams

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which used to be on the southbound side of Route 107 in Revere where it crosses the Rummey Marsh.

When they constructed the great sand pile that was supposed to carry I-95 across the Marsh (and imploded about 15 years later), the state bought up several businesses and demolished them. For years afterward, Peters was the only business on the west side of the Marsh that remained standing.

It was a not so well kept secret that Peter's was a front for less than legal activities, as evidenced by the lack of visible customers anytime you passed by it, despite it being brightly lit inside. One night, my brother's friends stopped there about 2 am, went inside, and asked for a pizza and a bucket of fried clams. The person behind the counter reportedly replied "Get the [email protected]@k out of here."


I pass by Regal Pizza in Mattapan every time I cut through on my way to visit the place my buddy manages in Dorchester. Lit up, and not a human to be found.

Uh Oh

Does this mean the Tam will have to start serving up BLTs and fries?

Bar Food

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What was the name of the bar with the sandwich under glass which they wouldn't sell?

When I was a kid

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Bars served pickled eggs and pistachio nuts. Yuppies today want everything.

Holy crap

Those prices are legit for 2018. How have I never heard of this place?

Also, thank you for sticking the Pointer Sisters in my head.

Oh Geez Lueeez

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Now I'm having flashbacks to driving one of my parents' '76 Corollas on I-205 - the sedan had the FM radio.


That was mine - I wondered why it didn't appear immediately.


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You're telling me yuppies are ruining the established south boston watering hole known as croke park? The premier dining and drinking experience on west broadway? Had yuppies known it was such a fantastic environment for cocktails I'm sure management wouldn't have to advertise 'Full Shots' on the side on the building.

I remember when d street, gin

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I remember when d street, gin mills and chronic alcoholics sleeping in the weeds of empty lots were the defining elements of West Broadway. Boston has lost all of it's texture, a shame really.

Does this apply to clubs also?

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Legitimately wondering, does this apply to clubs that serve alcohol too? If I'm at Royale or whatever other dance club, can I expect to order a sandwich or some other food? I somehow don't envision someone eating a chicken-salad sandwich when they're gettin down to Rihanna.

Not versed on the code, but I imagine there's a

difference between the typical "common victualer's license" and the one given to nightclubs and other venues just to serve alcohol. I do know that it takes a special entertainment license to allow dancing, because we all know what that leads to: the embarrassing spectacle of White-Guy Overbite, which should be tightly limited wherever possible.