Citizen complaint of the day: Some idiot used a can of magenta paint as a space saver and now my car is magenta

A peeved citizen files a 311 report about the stealth (and booby-trap?) space saver he or she ran over at West 2 Street and Dorchester Avenue in South Boston Tuesday afternoon:

A full can of magenta paint was used as a space saver and as if 5 minutes ago was still there. I pulled halfway into the spot and hit the can with my front fire. Magenta paint sprayed all over the snow bank, street, and yes my car. My understanding was that as of 5 pm Sunday, saves were to be removed.

The city marked the case closed today with an interesting reply:

Case Resolved. Face shave your feet removed with trash. Thank you for your request.

We're going to assume that's some sort of weird smartphone auto-correct there, although, who knows: Are Southie residents now face shaving their feet?



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Auto correct translator

I am not good at translating auto correct. Any idea what "face shaver your feet" might have meant? "Space saver" is a pretty good guess for the first two words. No clue on "your feet" I am guessing there are some that could with a few dozen translations.

This is the hardest I've

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This is the hardest I've laughed all day. Auto correct can be HILARIOUS!! Let's start some Auto Correct Memes if they don't already exist.


I laughed too

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I laughed at the exploding can of magenta paint spraying all over the car. Am I a bad person?

Pretty sure that's not auto-correct

It looks more like an error in speech recognition. "Siri, the space saver in street was removed with trash." "I'm sorry, I can't find face shave your feet. Would you like to make an appointment with your podiatrist?"


Wait till you guys see

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the space saver I'm going to roll out after the next storm: an M18 Claymore. Hoo boy, whoever tries to take my space is in for a real surprise!


311 can't fix that

Putting a can of paint in the street could be illegal dumping. But the paint would have to be made of toxic chemicals. Unless there is some device that projects the paint, its not a booby trap.