The commuter-rail station that doubles as a Nirvana shrine

Miles on the MBTA reports on his visit to the Wellesley Farms stop on the Worcester Line - which seems to be popular among Nirvana fans and which boasts a plastic owl in a rafter inside.


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Kids today

Adam, glad you ID'd that logo as Mile is too young to get the reference. It's not demonic unless you're Tipper Gore.

Hollowed out husk

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I don't know why they don't put a coffee shop or something in that building. It would make a killing. Instead it's just a few crusty walls with ugly graffiti.

Used to have a large wood

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Used to have a large wood fired stove in the middle to keep people warm. That ended when the station ceased to be staffed.

...And risk people staying out past 6pm??? The devil you say!

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The Wellesley Farms stop is actually in the middle of an otherwise incredibly quiet residential area (pretty close to the Wellesley/Weston border actually), with no other businesses in the immediate area. And if town ordinances remain how they were when my family lived there in the 90's, they'd probably discourage any semblance of promoting a "hangout" space where youths (or anyone, really) could congregate and cause "trouble," no matter how innocuous.

How do they decide which

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How do they decide which stations get a pedestrian grade crossing, and which have an endless fence so you have to walk 10 minutes out of your way to get to an overpass?


Who owns the property?

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Does the MBTA or the town own the station and the parking lot? If the MBTA owns the lot why would Wellesley residents get a parking discount? Who is responsible for maintaining and policing the station?

That's an old H.H. Richardson Boston & Albany station

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I remember it fondly from my childhood; my grandfather used to walk there every morning to buy a newspaper and watch the trains come though. In the afternoon the New York Central's New England States, the predecessor of Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, blew through on its way to Chicago.

The station used to be enclosed, with a newsstand, ticket office,and waiting room. Now it's just a shell. The one at Wellesley Hills was similar, but has been turned into something else entirely. It was a dry cleaners for many years.

There were farms once; my mother remembered when there were vast estates out that way. She grew up in Wellesley Farms in the 1920's and 1930's.


the fake owl is there to

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the fake owl is there to scare away birds from roosting on the rafters. you'll see the fake owl things in a lot of covered parking structures.