Council votes to not oppose medical-marijuana dispensary in West Roxbury

The Boston City Council voted unanimously today to formally not oppose a medical-marijuana dispensary on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury, just up the road from the Dedham line.

Beacon Compassion Center now goes to the state Department of Public Health and the Boston Board of Appeals for approval of its planned dispensary at 1524 VFW Parkway.



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They voted to NOT oppose it -

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They voted to NOT oppose it -- the wording is confusing, they'll vote to either oppose or not oppose. It's a dumb semantics game, the Council refuses to say they "support" a marijuana business (bad optics), so they call it non-opposition instead.

There, their, they're

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I think their smoking

If you insist on pasting the same comment multiple times (in at least 2 threads) please be aware that in this case you want to say, "they're smoking".