Credit union pulls ads from WEEI for on-air crap

Bill Forry reports the City of Boston Credit Union announced today it's pulling its ads off WEEI:

A series of recent incidents have made it clear that the culture of the station is not reflective of our values of inclusion, acceptance and mutual respect.

Such as this.



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WEEI has been a cesspool of

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WEEI has been a cesspool of vitriolic, idiotic, and borderline and full-on racist shit aimed at area knuckle-draggers for ages. THIS was the tipping point? Not when a popular host referred to black students as gorillas?


Dunkin' Donuts

They pulled their ad-lib buys (but not their recorded spots). You might have forgotten only because we didn't talk as much about this stuff in 2003 as we do now.

Tipping point was Pats losing

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Now that the knuckle-dragging Pats fans have to suffer an offseason without another NFL championship that they were certain was their birthright, they are turning on the purveyor of the mantras of the crap they'd been lapping up all year.

but 1st amendment man!

Something something SJW, Metoo is a witch hunt, etc... These sons of liberty over at WEEI are all the Peter Principle crossed with Godwin's Law.

I wonder if Michael Holley likes being the token black friend of three radio programs full of racists.



Though when advertisers they do the same for Howie Carr, who says worse shit than the racist sports monkeys everyday?



There's a small but relevant number of companies of whom these listeners are their target demo. They are enough to keep these morons on the air.

My favorite of these companies are the lawyers who promise to stop your wife from getting a divorce and preventing her from getting anything if she does.

You know...

You impress me as both the sort of person who listens to sports radio and takes life advice from Kanye West.


Carr might "own" his show rather than WRKO

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If that makes a difference.

A friend of mine who used to work in local radio, and pretends he still knows what's going on, has told me that Howie's latest arrangement is that he owns his show and gets his own advertisers. Rather than the Station owning the show and having the station's sales department sell the spots.

The above is second hand speculation. But it would explain why most of his show's commercials are for boner pills.


The Cap'n does own his own "network"! Which consists of Carr and Carr only. He got tired of taking crap from Entercom along with a shitload of office supplies, paper towels, and toilet paper. So he hooked up with some lowlife who peddles his shit show to a bunch of podunk stations around New England, keeping Carr's virus thankfully contained to just the New England area.

The only other time was when Howie tested out a few shows on his "network" hosted by noted racist, anti-Semite and fan of Hardee's, Curt Schilling. who for once, made a wise business decision and now broadcasts from his trough in the racist pig farm that is Breitbart.


Not that I think it excuses either of them, but I suspect

that Howie simply views being a cartoon racist asshole as a retirement plan. I imagine he doesn't actually believe most of the ugly shit he spews. He's just another canny, supremely unethical businessman, a Trumpian in the purest sense, exploiting his steadily diminishing returns while he can: another prep-school product cynically squeezing coins from gullible working-class white men.

Schilling, on the other hand, is actually profoundly dumb and hate-fueled enough to believe his own bigoted, tinfoil-hat bullshit. Howie is unspeakable, but I'll give him enough credit to believe he's not the kind of cockroach that collects Nazi memorabilia.


I disagree...

Howie is one of those old school Boston racists, who through the ascension of Trump was happy to war whoop at campaign rallies and get made fun of by Rachel Maddow, but he is not Alex Jones. Jones, at the very least, sounds like the actor he is, while Carr has this hatred of POC in his lipo suctioned bones.

As far as being a businessman, if Howie thinks shilling his shit books at Market Baskets and paying the murderers of women and children is good business, then let's see how business is when the Herald kicks his racist ass to the curb or cuts his salary in half.


You may be right about Carr being a dyed-in-the-wool

racist. But my point stands about him. He's like Trump in that he came from a privileged background, and while he may be a racist like Trump in his bones, that's not really what he's about: it's more the money and attention he gets from exploiting the fears of working-class people that I suspect he secretly despises. Like Trump, he might get fired tomorrow, but he's already won the game he wanted to play.

Contrast that with Schilling, the true white-supremacist believer from a working-class background who will likely die broke. They're both hateful shit-stains, but their respective arcs are a sort of microcosm of the age in which the GOP murdered the American dream for working- and middle-class Americans

Howie started ahead, got further ahead. Schilling started low, ended low. The only irony here is that Schilling briefly achieved the old, bygone American dream of lifting himself up from his humble origins on the basis of hard work and talent, and still blew it. For a simple-minded right-winger, that's gotta sting.


"Recent" incidents???

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WEEI's race to the bottom began the moment it went to all-sports in 1991. The "METCO Gorilla" incident (2003) wasn't bad enough to make the credit union stay away from them?


To be fair to the credit union

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The whole idea of advertising is relatively new to them. Their first celebrity endorsement was Shawn Thornton and he came to Boston in 2007. In 2003 they only had city employees as members, limiting their membership like a lot of credit unions once did.



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They weren't advertising on WEEI when the whole METCO gorilla no sense went down, right?

More to the point

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They most likely weren't paying attention at the time, since they were not looking at anything as a place to advertise.


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If a big company pulls ads it will be a big deal. Boston Credit Union isn't exactly Citizens or BOA.


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Agree. Once the Comcast sized companies pull ads then it's a prob.


I don't even rate an asterisk in that statement? My ilk are kinda big on the whole "judge by one's enemies" sort of thing.

I got a rep to maintain, G.


What about me

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Don't I get some burning hatred of a thousand suns?

I mean, yeah, Slim tells me to kill myself once in a while, and Swirly, but nothing from the man himself in I-don't-know-how-long.

It’s in UH comment guidelines

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Gaffin says to criticize the comment content, not the commenter.

I think he follows the same rule himself.

It’s not about you guys.

How can anyone hate anything so irrelevant?

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I think WEEI is the only sports station on AM, but there's two or three of them on FM these days. I know the Celtics and Pats broadcast on the FM stations, and I think the Sox do also.

WEEI kicking the bucket wouldl result in how many disruptions of sports event broadcasting? None?

I meant WEEI 850 AM

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which (almost?) never broadcasts live sporting events, as I said.

Give me a break. I've been dead for years.


bad enough that Gaffin has been ducking me for lunch for the last five years, he has the actual balls to hate a station that has a bunch of moronic racists pontificating idiotically

A game happens on a Sunday and those goofs make a living talking like any knuckle dragger from any shit bar in any shit town in this state about a game. Then they throw a little racism in to rile up a few people and keep the other knuckle draggers interested and in many cases, leaping to their defense. Only now, it's costing their bosses money.

See how long they like losing advertisers.

hey now..

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You ever been there?

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Ever interacted with the people who run the institution?

Of course not. calling anyone dense....

You use the three letters of the ICA to make yet another stupid comment that shows your contempt for anything that artistic that doesn't resemble a Pringles can and they're the ones who are dense for pointing out another in a series of posts that show what an idiot you really are.

You know, while we're on the subject of clueless assholes.


From the top

Let me know if any of these common English words elude you:

-The Institute of Contemporary Art purchased advertising on WEEI's website.

-The above commenter remarked about how that might be poorly targeted advertising, suggesting that WEEI's audience might not be inclined to visit an art museum.

-The joke that I made was that ICA does indeed target WEEI listeners, because I facetiously suggested that ICA, in this context, stands for Institute of Clueless Assholes, thus making the suggestion that WEEI is an Institute of Clueless Assholes, as borne out by the obnoxious rhetoric heard in their shows, as outlined in this very story that I'm commenting upon.

-Nothing in my joke was a swipe at a Boston cultural institution that I have no reason to criticize.

"Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog: The procedure kills both." - Mark Twain


That's a whole lot of word salad to explain yet another inane post when you could just admit that you're the idiot most of the people here already know you to be. Good luck with that.


If I cured cancer

You would think I was an idiot. In fact, I've never seen you praise anybody for their intelligence. Since you deeming me an idiot is a fait accompli, I'll just have fun instead.


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What percent of your "jokes" do you have to explain in a second post that you were just joking? Notice how most people don't have to do that? If you are such a bad writer and have such a bad command of the English language that you constantly have to explain yourself, maybe you should leave it to the pros.


Just a hunch

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ICA bought ads through Google keyed to "Boston" and Google put them on the ad spot that WEEI has on those pages. There was a similar issue with companies finding out their ads were showing up on Breitbart pages.

Pssst...they're marketing to YOU, personally.

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Fancy google algorithms figure out which ads YOU should be seeing and display those on any site that uses "ads by google"
For instance I might buy one part for my VW from a specialist website, then for weeks I see their ads here on UHub, tho I bet Adam has no idea who M&T Manufacturing is, nor have they ever sent him a check for ad space.
It's a brave new world out there!