Dogs keep getting electrocuted while out on walks in Boston

WHDH examines the issue of stray voltage from corroded wires and connectors near utility boxes, most recently a dog on Southampton Street in the South End.


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wasn't this

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Wasn't this a thing a few years ago? and I thought the city was working with utilities to fix the issues..

Was this never done

(I mean why do I even have to ask, this is boston, of course it wasn't done.. or wasn't maintained..)



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A few years back there were several instances as I recall, including a dog being walked on the L street bridge in South Boston.

Yes, dogs being electrocuted was a thing here and NYC

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Yes, according to the link, two dogs were electrocuted by stray voltage in Chinatown in 2005. I was visiting NYC a few years before that when a dog was electrocuted in this way and the NY Post front page headline was "Shock and Paw."



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It was the original story on this issue back in 2005 or so that still, to this day, has me always stepping around or over manholes and other metal plates and grates on the street. I'm not sure if rubber soles help but don't want to risk it. And people shouldn't have to buy galoshes for their pet.

People are ok

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If you are wearing shoes.

People get after me for criticizing the school budget. But this is just one thng in the city that gets neglected because we spend so much on the schools and their ever shrinking student population.

We can walk (without getting electrocuted) and chew gum at the same time, but not when we overspend on the schools by $100 million annuslly.


And if you remember

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BU did a study showing that the city's gas mains were leaking like swiss cheese, there was a "gas leak heatmap" showing all of the random gas spewing into the environment.

It really has more to do with

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It really has more to do with overuse of salt to de-ice sidewalks than any imaginary overbudgetary issues you care to try to inject into the issue.

Actually has a lot to do with a lot

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A few years ago the lights went out on our block. Turns out the light pits are lined with wood.and leak The neighbor asked why they don't start lining them with concrete or something to make them more waterproof. The city worker looked at he has 3 heads. Partly money partly inertia - but they aren't getting upgraded any time soon.

After fixed costs including health care, public safety and schools, the city has only about 15-20 cents of every revenue dollar to spend on EVERYTHING else it does. Fixed costs grow about a penny a year on that scale. What would you cut that can be cut other than schools? Or are you suggesting more taxes above and beyond the 12k per household we already spend?