Entrepreneur rolled through Southie, selling pot out of his pickup; no word if he blared 'Turkey in the Straw'

Pot items seized in South Boston

Boston Police report arresting a Revere man they say loaded up his pickup with cannibis products - including pot-laced Rice Krispy treats and chocolate-chip cookies - then drove down O'Callaghan Way selling them, at least until officers arrived and arrested him around 5:30 p.m. yesterday, because even in this enlightened state, you can't do that sort of thing.

In total, police say, Daniel Lincoln, 38, came down to Southie with four pounds of marijuana, 223 vials of liquid TCH, 216 pre-rolled THC cigars, 34 tins worth of THC-infused chocolate bars, 162 vials with four THC-enhanced Gummy bears each, "numerous" chocolate-chip cookies and Rice Crispy tweets with an extra ingredient; smoking paraphernalia for folks who'd left theirs at home and $2,640 in cash.

For customers looking for something a bit different than the pot and THC items, Lincoln also had a variety of vials of prescription drugs, including Adderall, Alprozolam, and Diazapam, priced to move, police say.

Police charged Lincoln with possession of Class, B, C and D drugs with intent to distribute.

In a statement, Police Commissioner William Evans said:

Even with changes to the laws, we are still seeing these drugs being sold illegally on the streets. THC and marijuana pose a risk to buyers who don’t know exactly what they’re getting, and firearms and weapons are often involved. Due to the public safety risks that come with the illicit sale of THC and marijuana, my officers will continue to work to take these drugs off the streets in efforts to keep Boston safe.”

Although voters in 2016 approved legalization of recreational marijuana and its sale, state regulators have yet to finalize sales regulations and there are no legal pot shops in the state - much less pot trucks.

Innocent, etc.



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Back in the day

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When I was attending UMass Amherst in the early 70s there was a door to door hashish salesman who worked a certain dorm in Southwest. He came around on weekends and knocked on every door. Business was brisk. He also had other things for sale, but his specialty was hashish.


Ah yes

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Pierpont Hall in Southwest. If the current residents only knew how wild it was in the 1970s....


Ohp going soft?

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I'm more suprised he didnt get robbed, going into the projects by himself with all that product.



THC and marijuana pose a risk to buyers who don’t know exactly what they’re getting

Funny thing about that: When you sell an inferior product to somebody, you lose customers. Especially in a small town like Boston. It's almost as if the principles of commerce apply.

And firearms and weapons are often involved.

Well, yeah, if somebody with firearms is going to come after you for selling it, then yeah, you might be inclined to take up arms.

This act by the Boston Police Department is not something I asked for, and it doesn't make me feel safer. So why did it happen? What citizen did ask for this? What does that citizen fear? Who were the police protecting in this scenario? What were those persons being protected from?


I'm fine with enforcement of these laws

I don't want to live in a libertarian disneyland where you can do whatever the hell you want. Pot should be legal but like booze and just about every other consumable, there are regulations to be followed.

And yes, I feel ever so slightly safer with this guy off the street.


A Libertarian Disneyland

I don't want to live there either.

If this guy sells to minors, I would have no problem with him being arrested. But I also believe that if this guy has invested so much into selling weed goods, he's not going to piss away his reputation (and rack up additional charges) by corrupting minors.


Ice Cream Trucks

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The female voice bellowing "hellaaaaaawww" on the "Turkey In the Straw" recording on those annoying ice cream trucks sounds like she has been sampling some of this guy's inventory.


Minor Correction

The female voice bellowing "hellaaaaaawww" on the "Turkey In the Straw" recording on those annoying ice cream trucks sounds like she should be sampling some of this guy's inventory.