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Pothole at the Jamaicaway and Perkins Street in Jamaica Plain

This afternoon, Gscharoun posted this example of "crumbling infrastructure" at the Jamaicaway and Perkins Street in JP. Paul Friedmann replied:



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I'm going to assume

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That Gscharoun was being facetious when they referred to potholes as being "crumbling infrastructure." If not, I welcome them to the northern winter climate, where places such as Sweden, Canada, Scotland, or even Denmark.

Water freezes, then melts and gets into the asphalt, where it freezes and thaws again, causing potholes.

I don't get it

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I understand the mechanism of frost, but how is damage caused by frost and not repaired NOT "crumbling infrastructure"?


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How can the road be repaired so quickly that no one notices it?

I mean, technically it is 100% crumbling infrastructure, as the road is an example of infrastructure and a frost heave is by it's nature crumbling, but there is an implication with the phrase "crumbling infrastructure" that the government does not care about this or cannot repair it. Every public works department with its salt in the countries I named that deals with this has crews that repair pot holes. That said, pot holes in Boston, Toronto, or Stockholm are not an example of what people think of when they say "crumbling infrastructure."

Not gonna be funny at all

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Not gonna be funny at all when it causes someone to lose control of their car and end wrapped around one of those trees next to the pond.

Driving according to conditions

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It isn't any laughing matter - you are right.

So if there are potholes, well, slow down to account for the conditions, or you might lose control and end up wrapped around one of those trees next to the pond.