Green Line low energy once more; commute yet again a chore

Yes, once again, the C and D lines are suffering those mysterious power problems that are slowing trolleys to a crawl.



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Eversource does not feed the

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Eversource does not feed the T power system in this area. It is fed directly from it's own power grid.

I heard the MBTA's Coolidge

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I heard the MBTA's Coolidge Corner substation has been generating surges that are knocking out both signal systems and trolleys, and they still can't seem to figure out what is causing it. Sounds like that would be an MBTa problem and not an Eversource problem.


Histrionic nonsense. Most

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Histrionic nonsense. Most likely the snow/sleet/ice/salt/sludge everywhere is causing a partial short somewhere that they haven't found.

Some minor problem happened last night

I don't know what it was, but after I boarded an inbound C trolley at Coolidge Corner around 8:15 pm, a T worker came on board and announced it was being held for 10 minutes. It actually proceeded normally after 5 minutes, so I don't know what that was all about.

B Line Power Problem Ongoing

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The B Line has had an ongoing power problem, like an Unadvertised Special.
Only one train can run between the the last stop at BC and the second stop at Chestnut hill Ave.
One train in either direction. Add a snowstorm and plowing at the last stop, and trains are queued up waiting to make it to the end.


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Anytime I hear the phrase "low energy" it reminds me of Jeb Bush. Thanks to DJT for that.

So the T needs to replace a cable

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So let’s give those hundreds of millions back to the feds and call it a day.

By the way, other than some crank who frequents this website, the GLX project is pretty popular, especially since they brought costs under control. Heck, they might even have a grand or two left over to replace the faulty cable over in Brookline.

$7 billion for S-O-G-R. GLX Unpopular in Cambridge. Orange Pref

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The Commonwealth needs to spend over $7 billion to get the existing T system to a state of good repair, aka, more than one cable. So yes, give the billion back (before the feds take it back after the next overrun reveal) and apply for existing infra grants and loans. The $1 billion GLX Commonwealth match can be put towards the existing network. Choose whatever loophole you want. Also, the GLX is quite unpopular in Cambridge. Most officials see it as a CLF millstone with few benefits. Nearly everyone below Rt 28 is opposed to the new station. Nearly everyone above Rt 28 (North Point aka Cambridge Crossing) is indifferent. Most NPers prefer the Orange Line over the Green Line. When NPers are asked if they plan to switch over to the Green Line when the new station is built: its a consistent no. In summation. the GLX stop will create more negatives than positives: going from an at grade station to an elevated station on the other side of a busy state highway for a population currently served by the Orange Line.


Orange Line?

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Look, I know you hate it when I call you delusional, so present some proof that the GLX is unpopular in Somerville and I’ll stop doing it. If you can’t, stop huffing glue before commenting, please.

Uh, Yes. The Orange Line

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I live at Twenty20 in Cambridge. Its linked to the Gilmore Bridge aka the Orange Line-Cambridge link. Most people in my building take the Orange over the single Green Line Branch at Lechmere. For someone who claims to be an Orange Line expert. You didn't realize Cantabrigians take the Orange Line?


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How much would it cost to loop the Orange Line over to Lechmere, which has an existing train station, anyway? I bet a pretty penny more than the GLX you hate (assuming you are the same anon who keeps griping about the project, since you all look the same to me.)

I would imagine that the percentage of Cantabrigians who take the Orange Line ever is very small.

Yes. The Orange. My guess: The same reason Arlington fought Red.

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Yes. The Gilmore Bridge ties Cambridge to the Orange Line. Its a river of pedestrians every day. In the case of Somerville. based on what I hear north of Cambridge, it seems to be the same reason Arlington fought the Red Line Extension. Somerville is a good middle-class cluster with a good middle-class school system; and people want to keep it middle-class with a good middle-class school system. I haven't seen the same racism traces with the GLX pushback as I saw in Arlington. Ultimately. I would say Gentrification is the name of the game. Now about your other comments. Sounds like a case of mistaken identity.

HYM stair to Gilmore. Community College Orange Line

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See the link. HYM built a huge stylized stair to the Gilmore Bridge. Why? DW and others realized more local residents take the Orange Line instead of the Green Line. The new GLX station may balance out the ratio. However, much to the chagrin of CambridgeSide, East Cambridge, and the northern end of Kendall: when Lechmere flips to the other side of 28.

I need to walk over the Gilmore Bridge

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Which I will admit I have done going to the Cambridgeside Galleria. I haven't been there in I believe 6 years. Nothing against it; it's just not in my mall rotation anymore.

Quite possible

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While rare, you can wear out copper wire conductors after a number of years. They will break down, and fail to properly conduct, become resistant, and heat. Eventually burning out sections. The same thing happens in the subway when a power feeder cable burns out. Some are a century old you know.