Gronk's house robbed

WCVB reports his Foxboro home was robbed while he was in Minnesota.



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Say ...

You seem to know a bit much about this ... perhaps Foxboro PD should add you to the list of the usual suspects? ;-)


Are you referring to Gronk or

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Are you referring to Gronk or any number of mid to upper level exec's at any of the bigger financial houses in Boston?

Difference being...

Most of those people at those financial houses don't have to worry about having to use their feet to count to twenty eventually.

Gronk did say

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That he only spends endorsement money and hasn't touched his football earnings yet. One more reason why him retiring isn't so crazy.

Foxboro PD

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Hopefully Foxoboro PD can catch the guy. No one should have to go through this.


At the scene

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Police: They stole 69 of your gold Krugerrands
Gronk [while sobbing]: [sniff] Nice [sniff]


Wouldn't this mean the house

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Wouldn't this mean the house was burgled, not robbed? I ask just because I like saying burgled out loud.



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What else would you call them?

another name for safes?

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rubbers? johnnys? jimmies? raincoats?

i wonder if gronk had any weird stuff in his safe? a lot of times celebrities keep personal homemade videos locked away in safes. i doubt gronk would have anything weird like that in there though.

In the old neighborhood when

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In the old neighborhood when somebody croaked, we'd have somebody "watch the house" during the funeral so nobody would make off with the TV. We were poorer then, but we were smarter.